Fun and Weird Celebrity Fashion Trends


We love them, we hate them, and then we adore them back again. Celebrities are a whole different type of entertainment that is a massive part of our lives. At times celebrity gossip is the perfect ice-breaker to get a conversation started, while at others, they are an escape from the harsh realities of life. 

The one thing that makes celebrities a constant talk of the town is them being in the news all the time, for good or bad reasons. Moreover, with social media becoming ever so popular, it is now possible for the ordinary fan to be a step closer to their celebrity crush and interact with them easily. Still, celebrities tend to live in a world that is a little different from that of the everyday human being. That is why celebrity trends, at times, tend to be a bit unusual, but entertaining and fun nonetheless.

Morbidly Profitable

It might seem slightly awkward and morbid, but there is a way to make money off celebrities. Since their actions are so unpredictable, its possible to bet on various aspects of their lives that can be quite lucrative. The slightly weird is which celebrity is most likely to kick the bucket next or which one of Hollywood personalities will be named for sexual assault in the coming months. More straightforward betting options include who will be the next Bond or if there will be another Fast and the Furious movie after the next one. Point being, it is now a trend to bet on celebrities and make a little side earning off them while they go about with their larger-than-life personas.


Red Carpet Fashion

Fans around the world eagerly await red carpet events as an excuse to see their favourite stars all decked up in the latest fashion. For celebrities, red carpets are the perfect place to show off their style and boldness, to stand out amongst their colleagues. As a result, they are more than likely to go overboard with their fashion choices. Any average human knows that these fashion options are just for show and not something one must aim to acquire. They are often difficult to carry, too revealing, and extremely expensive. In fact, most of the dresses, suits, and jewellery are on loan from various designers, just for the carpet. That’s why celebrities get asked about who they are wearing. So, if you see your favourite star in a drool-worthy dress, feel free to take inspiration from it. But don’t just go out looking for the exact same thing because, in all probability, it is going to be really uncomfortable to wear and super expensive.

Lifestyle Choices

Our lifestyles have changed tremendously over the past decade. No longer do women want to be any part of toxic relationships, tugging along, as they once did, with partners who do not make them happy. However, a concerning trend among celebrities is that of marriages and divorces. While it is perfect to divorce someone you can’t see yourself with, it is also strange how normalised the entire scene is when it comes to famous people. It is a slightly controversial topic, but the frequency with which some celebrities get married and then divorced is worrisome, and not something to expect from a role model. An essential point to note is that many a relationship formed in the limelight are part of promotions and shouldn’t always be believed. As they say, the story behind the curtains is typically something utterly different from what it is in front of it.


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