6 Tips You’ll Wish You Knew Before Breast Augmentation Surgery


Whether you are still in the decision-making stage or you are mere days away from your breast augmentation procedure, you’ll find that everyone you talk to has an opinion about this surgery. Some may mean well but still may provide you with inaccurate information that doesn’t do much to alleviate your concerns about your upcoming surgery.

Remember that your plastic surgeon is your best source for accurate information. Doing your own research and due diligence is important for any type of surgery, however. Just take care not to follow the wrong research rabbit hole and find yourself focusing on the wrong information.

This list of 6 tips contains information that you’ll wish you’d have known prior to undergoing your breast augmentation surgery.

Trust in your doctor’s expertise

While it is absolutely important that you have an idea as to what you’re hoping to see from your augmentation surgery, it’s just as important that you don’t allow another woman’s results to dictate what you think you need to see from the procedure.

According to plastic surgeon Dr. Sharp, your body, your frame and your skin elasticity will all play a role in the type of results that you can realistically expect to see from the surgery. Your surgeon will perform an examination during your consultation, take measurements and evaluate your skin’s elasticity. From here, your surgeon will be able to make a decision about the type of implant and surgical technique that may work best to help you meet your aesthetic goals.

Be prepared to take more than just time off from work

One of the mistakes women tend to make when it comes to recovering from breast augmentation surgery is thinking that they just need to think about how much time off is needed from work. The reality is that you’ll need to take time off from working out, cleaning your home and even from being a parent at times. Small children may require a lot of hands-on care, lifting and bending, all of which will cause discomfort after your procedure.

Be sure that you have plenty of help with meeting your responsibilities around your home and with your family. Keep in mind that each recovery is different, and your needs may vary greatly than from what another patient experienced during recovery.

You’ll still need to take ample time off from work and working out. Be sure to pay attention to the postoperative instructions that your surgeon will provide you. They will detail the steps that you need to take during recovery.


Sleeping won’t be comfortable, for a while

Getting rest is an important part of allowing your body to heal from surgery. You may find that it’s difficult to sleep, especially if you’ve always been a stomach sleeper. Getting up from your bed may prove to be painful for the first week or two after surgery. Many women find that sleeping propped up by lots of pillows or sitting up in a recliner can help to ensure better rest.

Once you’ve found the most comfortable way to get rest, be sure that you listen to your body and slow down when you need to. It can be easy to overexert yourself once you start to feel a bit better.

Expect weekly changes

The way that your chest looks will change each week and it may also look different from month to month. There is often a lot of swelling after breast augmentation surgery. The swelling can be controlled with compression garments worn for the first weeks after surgery. It will not, however, completely subside for months after surgery. Be prepared for your breasts to undergo a transformation over the course of several months. Don’t rush out and buy pricey bras right after surgery, as your size and shape will change and adjust over the weeks and months following your surgery.

It can be frustrating to not see immediate results, but be patient. Your final results will be worth the wait.

Your self-esteem will skyrocket, but not at first

You should expect to have days where you absolutely love your larger breasts, but also have days where you wonder if it was truly the right decision. Your confidence levels will eventually soar, but you’ll need to allow your breasts to heal from the surgery. You’ll see swelling, bruising and even angry red scarring. You’ll have some discomfort after your surgery, and you won’t have the same levels of energy that you did prior to your surgery.

Give your body time to heal. These feelings will pass in time, and you’ll find yourself falling in love with your silhouette each time you pass a mirror.


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