7 Essentials For Women’s Classic Style


Trends change all the time but some styles are forever; they are timeless and are the most basic. Whether you dressing for work, a party, a social event, or a religious gathering, you can always go in classic style. All kinds of classical pieces may not fit everyone but there are always those that are best for you. Here we look at some must-haves if you aim for a classic wardrobe.

1. White jumpsuit:

A white jumpsuit is stylish, easy-to-wear and cute to behold. From party to formal events, you can get the best out of it with the right mix. Make sure you select the right size and style. You may want to rock a low-chest white jumpsuit or one with a simple low-back design. What’s more? You can easily throw a blazer or pea coat over your jumpsuit if the weather gets too cold. Watch out for

  • Figure-wrap styles
  • Teasing necklines and;
  • Colored sashes

2. Blazers:

Blazers are forever timeless. The black blazer will be perfect to combine style and class. Look for a perfect-fitting classic blazer that is fitted but not tight around the lapel. Ensure the sleeves are at your wrist and that the shoulders allow you to move freely. And yes, both shrunken and oversized blazer styles are in vogue. You have a wide variety to choose from.

3. Black pants:

Pants are essential, yes. You can take your classic wardrobe to further with classic black pants to match the beautiful office shirts you have, or hit one up with your blazer for an evening date. Make sure the hems hug your ankle just right and the legs are tapered to your shape.

4. Pumps:

A classic wardrobe is never complete without black pumps. The timeless female shoes, they come in varieties that can fit into a business, party, evening dates and official occasions. Make sure the heels are medium and comfy to walk on. Go for toes that are not too rounded or pointy but shaped well enough. Classic black pumps go well with leggings, tweed, silk, and leather shorts.

5. Black dress:

A little black dress is not to be left out. This all-purpose classic piece is sure to improve your dress ratings at parties, company dinners, religious events, informal hangouts with friends, etc. A black dress with pearls, a blazer, and black pumps transforms your look into a business-like one. Aim for knee-length or just below the knee dresses and those that show just a little cleavage.

6. Trench coat:

Rainy days shouldn’t stop you from slaying! What’s hotter than a trench coat worn with a bright lipstick, high-knee boots, and a heard scarf? Maybe the heater. You can always wear your trench in different styles; buttoned up or left loose, or just a few top buttons left open.

7. A classic button-down shirt:

A classic button-down shirt is a piece that every female wardrobe should stock around the year. In warm weather, they can be worn dress-down, or worn dress-up and layered in fall for added comfort.


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