4 Ways to Style Kurti Dresses in Winter


If you are reading this article, chances are you are a kurti lover like many others. Well, the style statement of summers (kurtis) may feel out of place in winters when the light, breezy, comfortable kurti dress can make you shiver in the cold, but you can just as easily enjoy wearing them in winters as well. But, How can you style a kurti in winter? Won’t you feel cold?

Well, sometimes styling does require you to sacrifice your general comfort in the name of looking good. This is not the case with a kurti. You can style new fashion kurti designs in many different ways, all of which are great and will protect you from the cold winter. Let’s learn four ways you can style your kurti dress in winter and look amazing while protecting yourself from the cold.

Style With Denim Jackets

Denim jackets are one of the best options for styling with your full kurti designs in the winter season. They provide a nice contrast to your kurtis and can add more depth and eye-catchy elements to your outfit. When you do it well, a denim jacket and kurti look like a perfect combination that kind of blends western and Indian ethnic fashion in a beautiful and unique way of its own.

The best way to style your denim jacket with your kurti is to use contrasting colours. Since denim jackets are going to a shade of blue, you can wear kurtis of contrasting colours or even go monochrome with black or white. As this styling combines two different schools of fashion, it is crucial that you do it well, because otherwise, it will look bad and you will not be happy with the look.

Style With Shawls

The shawl is essential winter wear in every Indian household adorned by women all over India. Styling these shawls with your kurti can provide an excellent look for winters. There are many ways you can put a shawl over your kurti. The endless possibilities allow you to find your own unique style that can help you look apart from everyone else. 

Shawls are practical too and can protect you from the harsh winter when required. Shawls are available in various colours and fabrics, and they can be matched with all types of kurtis. For the best look during winter, you can go for full-sleeve or ¾ sleeve kurtis and match them up with a shawl of your choice for the best look.

Style With Coats

Styling with coats is another option that merges two schools of fashion together in creating a new, practical, and beautiful kurti dress outfit. Be it trench coats or long coats, you can easily style them with your kurti during the winter. One of the best hacks to style your kurtis with a coat is to look up styling ideas online. You will be surprised to find many unique ideas that are easy to replicate.

Coats are generally available in darker colours, but you can find coats nowadays in any colour shade that you want. So, your styling options depend on the colour of your coat. The best way to match is to use contrasting or monochrome colours for your kurti when you are styling them with a long coat.

Style With Cardigans

Ending the list with the most common styling practice for a kurti during winters, styling with matching cardigans. You can’t go wrong with this style because it maintains the sharp look that you get while wearing a kurti and keeps you warm and comfortable. Cardigans are also easy to handle and allows you to freely move around when you are outside.

Styling your kurti with a cardigan is very easy. Since both of these items are available in almost every colour you can find, you can just style them wearing matching colours. You can also style using contrasting colours or monochrome styling.

Final Thoughts

A kurti is an essential part of every Indian women’s wardrobe. To dismiss these outfits for an entire season is unnecessary. You can use the styling tips mentioned in the article to wear your favourite kurti dress in the winter and still look fabulous.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.