Buy from a Great Collection of Sports Shoes Online at Freddy


If you are looking to buy sports shoes online, choose from an exciting range offered by the Italian brand Freddy.

Like everything else in life, the concepts of fashion are evolving all the time. People, in most cases, no longer have to wear uncomfortable shoes to work or any other occasion. They can just do with a pair of fashionable sports shoes, thanks to a radical change in people’s perception. The shoemakers also deserve some credits, for their tireless work of combining functionality and comfortability in the sports shoes. Freddy – the innovative Italian brand is one of the pioneers of this movement, and you can buy a pair of their sports shoes online without much effort.

Freddy – The Art of Movement

With a philosophy of the art of movement in their hearts, Freddy started their journey as a revolutionary manufacturer of movement enhancing shoes for gymnastics and other sports. Since then, they have branched out to become an all-inclusive fitness clothing brand. Yet, crafting shoes that are both functional and comfortable remains at the top of their priority offerings. Not only they use high-quality, lightweight materials; their collections of sports shoes online are also very fashionable. So, let’s find out the types of sports shoes you can buy from the Freddy online store.


Women’s Fitness Shoes

Freddy offers a wide variety of fitness shoes, with innovative features to protect your foot and support the body weight. Their fitness shoes are made using D.I.W.O ® fabric, a special material used to aid perspiration and keep the body heat in control. The soles are also very unique in impact absorption, thanks to their 3PRO® triple sole and ITS 2.0 technology. Whether you are going to the gym or lifting something heavy – wearing a pair of Freddy fitness shoes would provide you with the unrivalled comfortability. They are also very fashionable – with the use of a great variety of colours, animal pattern printed upper, intelligent detailing, etc. The women’s fitness shoes are also available in different styles, including high ankle sneakers, boot shoes, etc.

Women’s Ballerina Shoes

The pioneer of the ballerina shoes still remains the best brand for blending modern technology with fashion aesthetics. The 3PRO Ballerina line of shoes from Freddy is highly practical, very comfortable and versatile, yet come sporting all the features needed to enhance the sophisticated movements. The D.I.W.O ® fabric remains the main material for the uppers, while the sole of these ballerina shoes is made using antibacterial memory foam. You can choose between a great range of bright and classy colours, while there is also the option of a 5-cm heel.

Women’s Flip-Flops

Freddy also offers some comfortable flip-flops, made using EVA and suitable to wear in a relaxing situation. While monochromatic in nature, the flip-flops are adorned with a touch of glittery designs to make them stylish. They are also great to wear on the poolside, thanks to the non-slip sole.