What Should I Get for my Boyfriend or Husband?


By many, accessories for men are not even considered to be a viable option for a present. Many people tend to think of accessories as the side dish and not as being worthy to be given as a main present.

Another problem is that nowadays focus solely on buying clothes or gadgets for themselves or their loved ones and forget the importance of defining or enhancing your own unique style with accessories.

Another issue is that nowadays, perhaps more than ever, men are sticking to the bare essentials, like a pair of trousers or shorts, simple shirts, and shoes. It must be stressed that there is much more to men’s fashion than the plain mundane basics.

In this informative article, the goal is to look at men’s fashion from a broader, more open-minded perspective, taking a look at 3 essential fashion accessories that could be ideal as presents to husbands and boyfriends alike!


Suspenders, together with watches and cufflinks, are some of the most functional male accessories. As an underrated accessory piece, suspenders are in the hearts of a core few supporters but with the right combinations of clothing and some wider appreciation, they could be enjoyed by way more people.

Giving suspenders as a gift to a loved one breaks the boring tradition of the belt and also provides a stylish alternative to it. Suspenders are a  very interesting alternative to the belt, a functional accessory and a place for your thumbs to rest. Win-win!

Their age-old rival, belts, are usually no fun at all… unless you have a belt with a buckle that is one of a kind and aesthetically interesting, wearing suspenders will always and forever be the better alternative.

Suspenders are also very adjustable and do not need needles and specific tools to create more size options. One size fits all even if your significant other features a sizeable belly!

Novelty Cufflinks

Another great gift idea for your significant other would be a pair of Novelty Cufflinks. This gift is pure fun and makes for a stylish but also playful option for a man that has not abandoned his inner child completely!

Why get stuck with a simple pair of cufflinks or no cufflinks at all while there are so many luxurious options out there?

All articles of clothing need to serve an aesthetic purpose apart from the obvious functional part. Why wear button-looking cufflinks instead of Spider Cufflinks if it is Halloween for example or Rocket Cufflinks if you are a mechanic?

Novelty cufflinks offer this extra touch of seasonal style or situational quirk that very few pieces of clothing can offer. There are literally endless designs to choose from! Themes range from animals to sports and from spooky cufflinks to Christmas trees.

Bow ties

Bow ties can be eccentric, bold, and stylish if matched correctly. They also make a superb gift for a loved one.

Normal ties are a given when wearing a blazer or suit so spicing things up for your boyfriend or husband with a fancy bow tie is the way to go.

Men used to wear bow ties a lot during the 19th and 20th centuries. This does not mean that bow ties are out of fashion by any means, as now they are more relevant than ever.

Now, there is a reason to wear bow ties again as they make for very interesting and elegant combinations with many new articles of clothing. Shirts and Polos, Hoodie Jackets or Bomber Jackets, and for the most daring they can be even worn with Biker Jackets.

The ideas for potential combinations are numerous and are guaranteed to make your other half look stunning and gentlemanlike.

How do I know that a fashion accessory is the ideal gift for my BF or Husband?

When you see your other half dressing up the same every day, with no personal touch and no interest to better himself and his style, it is time to step in. Remind him what his style looks like by getting him a beautiful fashion accessory to reignite his interest in his personal style. 

This act will reinvigorate his interest in himself but also boost his respect for you and your judgment.

Being stylish is like being alive. It reminds you that you should not forget to treat yourself well and enjoy looking pretty…and buying a fashion accessory for your other half essentially means caring for him.