Classy Nail Art For Short Nails

classy nail art for short nails

Long nails are the stars of the show – they always get the attention. Ladies with long tips can’t help themselves but show their mani off all over Pinterest and Instagram. Even when a new trend hits the nail department, it’s almost always dedicated to long nails. This isn’t fair, don’t you think so? Short nails often get overlooked and we are here to change this practice. If you ever went short, you probably know that life is so much easier! All those things you can’t do with long nails and the worries associated with them are gone. If you are a fan of short nails or someone cursed with weak nails that keep breaking, we got you covered. These classy nail art for short nails is here to rescue your mani.

classy nail art for short nails
Photo By @paintboxnails/Instagram

Hit fall season right with short nail art that matches your pumpkin spice latte. Plus those gold accents will get you into the holiday mood as you take time to admire your mani every day.

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Written by Ivana Steriova
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