Top 4 Modern Methods to Get Rid of Fat


Fast food has become a need for almost every one of us. No matter how much we try to limit our consumption of fatty foods, it seems that our cravings begin to overmaster us, and we ultimately give in. Besides, the consumption of fast food, our lifestyle can also have a major impact on our weight, and if we choose to live a sedentary lifestyle, we can become overweight.

It’s important to maintain the proper body weight for so many different reasons. Sometimes altering our diet or exercising has no major impact on weight loss; the fat is just so stubborn. In such cases what should you do? In today’s article, we’ve discussed the top 3 non-invasive procedures by which you can reduce your weight and help you get back into shape faster.

1.      Cool Sculpting

This is a new method introduced in 2010 that has become very popular. This method involves the freezing of fat cells to death with the help of controlled cooling. When cells are frozen and destroyed, they are absorbed by the body over time and eventually eliminated as waste. During the procedure, patients do experience a cold sensation followed by numbness for about 5 minutes in the region being treated. This method is FDA approved, and because it’s a non-invasive procedure, side effects are mild and temporary. This procedure helps to get rid of stubborn fat that is not easily burned out by exercise. If you are looking to get this procedure done, try YMD Eye & Face.

2.      TruSculpt 3D

This method can be considered the opposite of Cool Sculpting. It too is quite new and involves the reduction of fat using radiofrequency. In this procedure, controlled heat is delivered to fat cells which are ultimately destroyed. One major benefit of this technique is that once the fat is removed, there is no leftover flabby skin; it melts aways during the procedure! How cool is that? This technique can even be used to remove fat from the inner thighs, and it’s painless. Patients only experience heat, similar to that from a hot stone massage, for 15 minutes. Both Cool Sculpting and TruSculpt don’t ask for downtime. Therefore patients can carry on with their day-to-day routine.

3.      Ultrasound Melting

This method is also called ultrasound reduction. It’s another popular, and FDA approved the procedure for stubborn fat removal. This procedure involves the reduction of fat by using ultrasound waves to get rid of it. The ultrasound waves basically penetrate the skin and target fat cells without damaging the skin and its surrounding tissues. This method liquefies fat cells, which are then removed by a suction tool called a cannula. This procedure promises to give you tight and more toned skin. Before you decide to go through this treatment, you should book an appointment with a doctor to confirm if you are an eligible patient. Please note that this procedure can have some serious side effects like a hemorrhage.

4.      Zerona

Zerona is the last fat removal procedure on our list. It involves the use of the Zerona low-level laser to areas with fat such as the arms, chest, knees, neck, and back fat. This method only uses a laser beam to help reduce weight. It works because the laser shrinks the fat cells, but is harmless to surround tissues. It’s also FDA approved. Another great advantage of this procedure is that there are no side effects, no risks, no allergic reactions and no downtime! Not many cosmetic procedures out today can promise such benefits. You can continue with life as usual. The results are also super fast.


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