How Golfing Can Help You Get Fit


We all know that regular exercise offers many health benefits, but weirdly enough, we don’t really consider golfing as a very sport-like activity. We tend to see it more as a nice, and quite expensive, pastime for older gentlemen. And while it’s true that it doesn’t necessarily require as much strength or stamina as playing football or cycling, dismissing it is a huge mistake. In reality, playing golf is a great way to keep fit. So paying your local golf course regular visits will let you enjoy all the benefits of sports. And if you’re new to the world of golf, have no fear! There are some great Irons for High Handicap Golfers that can help you improve your skills as you begin your experience getting fit with golf.

It keeps you moving

There’s nothing worse for your health and condition than a sedentary lifestyle. It can lead to many more or less serious health issues that could be easily avoided by regular exercise. To keep your body in good shape, it’s recommended to spend at least two hours a week on moderate physical activity. And you’ll meet that minimum without a problem while playing golf. In order to play 18 holes, you’ll be required to walk a distance of around 5 miles, but it will depend on the course you visit. Though it’s not just about walking. You get a lot of other types of work out that will engage your muscles. From carrying your bag to swinging the clubs, you’ll be able to get a great amount of exercise out of it.

Golfing can help you manage your weight

Of course, you won’t lose weight just by playing golf. But if you keep a healthy diet and add physical activity to that, you’ll be able to enjoy the results much faster. Plus, you’ll not only burn calories but make yourself feel better at the same time. Golf courses spread across vast hilly areas, so by walking through them, you’ll be able to work on your stamina. And remember that to get as much exercise as possible, it’s better to carry your equipment around on your own, instead of using a cart. You can’t expect miracles, playing once a week will help you maintain your weight, but if you want to lose a few additional kilograms, you’ll have to do more than that.

Prolong your life

Sports improve our health. And being healthy leads to a longer life. It shouldn’t be a surprise that exercising frequently offers you a lot more benefits. You can prevent many problems with your heart and avoid back pains. Golf has a huge advantage over the more demanding types of training because you can continue playing even as you get older. And that means you’ll get to enjoy your health longer. So don’t wait, go buy suitable golfer’s pants, a jacket, golf clubs, and all the equipment you may need. Investing in your own life is definitely worth it. And in return, you’ll get a few more years to live.

Achieve peace of mind

Modern life is full of stressful moments. We go through our lives trying to do as many things as possible, and there are times when we just forget about taking a minute to take a long deep breath. But living in a constant rush can have a very negative impact not only on our physical health but on our mental state as well. If you find yourself feeling down more often than not, and you lack the motivation to challenge yourself, or even complete your daily tasks, it’s a clear sign you need to find a way to relieve stress. Don’t ignore such symptoms because they can lead to much more serious issues than simply being in a bad mood. Spending a few hours a week on a golf course, being surrounded by nature and great views, and breathing fresh air can help you bring some peace to your life and see things differently.

With so many benefits that golf offers, there’s no point in delaying your decision. You can decide to take some time for yourself or invite your friends to go along. Either way, investing in the best fairway woods isn’t that much different from buying a new bicycle, it’ll help you keep fit and enjoy the benefits of sport.