Tips To Look Stunning While Wearing Vintage Shirts


We all have those moments when all we want is a vintage look, as we seek to reminisce about the good old days or have fun while getting a little bit out of the norm. Fortunately for you, going retro is not as complicated as many people perceive it to be and is a move that can be achieved effortlessly. Whether you are a rookie vintage shopper or one who has tried it out thoroughly, there are lots of inspirations to look up to. The best part about deciding to take a walk down history when it comes to fashion is that you have limitless options to choose from, and there must never be trouble in attaining that perfect look. Leading designers understand the high expectations the modern shopper has when it comes to rocking vintage outfit, and have upped their game in creating evoking and captivating pieces that you won’t help but fall in love with.

As a lady who is thinking about going retro, one of the most exciting ways to achieve this is by shopping for vintage shirts that can easily be paired with other items in your wardrobe. The love for vintage shirts arises from the fact that they are versatile and provide the much-needed flexibility in achieving the desired look with the minimum effort. However, while you do not have to struggle in settling for the perfect shirts that suit your preferences, there are essential factors to have at hand. These factors will enable you to look chic and stylish even as you bring back a touch from the past decades. Among the tips that leading fashion gurus recommend for anyone who wants to keep it classic are;

1. You do not need a perfectly fitting vintage shirt

Ordinarily, you would make a lot of fuss about finding a shirt whose size 100% suits your body, but not when you go for vintage shirts. While you can decide to play it safe and find a vintage shirt that perfectly fits you, one of the exciting aspects of going back in time is having a slightly odd-fitting piece. This is why oversize vintage shirts are a hot piece as they provide just the right touches of a throwback feel. Alternatively, you can settle for crop tops that bring that playful touch as it exposes your waist, stomach, or navel.

2. Celebrate your stars from the past easily

Are you a reggae fan who loves Bob Marley, a rock fan who still has a soft spot for The Beatles, or a hip hop fan who loves the vibes that were brought by 2Pac and Biggie, there is a chance to celebrate them uniquely. Vintage is classics for the fact that they make the past blend so naturally with the present, and one way to achieve this is by going for a shirt with portraits of these legends. Luckily, there are more than enough options when it comes to having a vintage look that makes your legends be a central point of attention.

3. Vintage does not have to be boring

You do not have to be limited to the all-common faded black and white shirts when going for a vintage look as there are lots of other interesting options from leading boutiques. One thing about vintage fashion is that it is more about the feel than the specs, and you must never be afraid to push the limits by experimenting with other colors. Similarly, vintage shirts do not have to be ‘worn-out’ for them to look classic, and you can still look stunning by going for new vintage shirts.

4. You don’t need vintage clothing from head to toe

Do not be deceived by the runway-worthy looks that highlight the suitability of vintage as the message passed and your fashion style should be different aspects. The last thing you need is to be walking down the street as you forced yourself into a costume that is in all evaluations ridiculous. A suitable solution is to mix vintage shirts with modern designs, or you could easily compliment them with rugged shorts that are a natural blend. However, do not allow yourself to be carried away by becoming too outdated and losing the required touch with the current fashion sense by having everything from the head to toe screaming lost vintage lady from the ’70s.


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