Success is Still Sweet for the Original Princess of Pop


Britney Spears is often hailed as the ‘princess of pop’ and for good reason. She released her first album back in 1999, closely followed by her second album the year after. This made Spears the best-selling teenage artist of all-time, and is partly why she is still a pop icon today.

The best thing about Britney Spears’ musical history is the fact that she’s still going. In recent years, she has embarked on a concert residency in Las Vegas and has continued to release music. However, her other huge success has come from her line of Britney Spears perfume.

Two decades of success

Britney has been consistently releasing music for 20 years, and perfumes for 15 years, with her first fragrance announced in 2004. “Curious” was released around the same time as her fourth studio album, “In the Zone”, when Britney was enjoying a huge career high.

She had found a niche in the perfume market for something youthful and fun, right down to the bottle design. Ever since then, each Britney Spears perfume has perfectly embodied who she is, with sweet scents that you would expect Britney herself to smell like.

Some of her most successful fragrances include ones that you probably owned, or still own; including “Midnight Fantasy”, “Radiance” and “Believe”.

Accolades across the world

Amid a career of the highest highs and the lowest lows, Britney Spears perfume has continued to be incredibly popular. It’s almost as though her fans believe they can pull her through anything by keeping her perfumes in the best-sellers list.

Her newest perfume was released as recently as August 2019; a seemingly unisex fragrance called “Prerogative”.

But what has made her perfumes still just as popular now, as they were in the 90s? Many critics believe it’s because she has a genuine interest in fragrances, with each one perfectly representing her persona.

Britney has cleverly been combining her perfumes with her music for years; the release of her single “Perfume” in 2013 is all the proof you need. In the past, she has utilised music videos to feature her fragrance bottles, while sneak peeks of new music appear in social media ads for her new perfumes.

She is the pop princess loved around the world, whether she’s in the middle of a break down or family drama, with many 20-something year olds still remembering a time when they wanted to be Britney.

To top it off, her perfume “Fantasy in Bloom” was named Fragrance of the Year in 2018 at the Hollywood Beauty Awards. So, whether you were a fan of Britney Spears perfume when you were a teenager or not, the collection is still a perfect choice for your everyday scent or for something special.


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