Best Places to Dress Up in Lisbon


One of the best things to do when traveling to a European capital is to find stylish places where you can dress up a bit. For the most part these cities tend to combine an old, classic vibe with a chic modern edge, provide you know where to go.

Lisbon, Portugal is perhaps underrated as a beautiful and fashionable capital city where anyone can have a bit of fun living it up. If you’re headed there, whether for business or pleasure, there are plenty of sophisticated places to put on your list where you can bust out some of your best outfits.

Here’s our list of the best venues to flaunt your fashion A-game at when it in this gorgeous city.

Teatro Nacional de São Carlos

In the center of the city of Lisbon is the National Theater, built in the late 1700s to replace an opera house that was leveled by an earthquake. You’ll find it on the Rua Serpa Pinto, where it serves as the regular home of the symphony and chamber orchestra, as well as the host for various other concerts. It’s a striking, historic building where you’ll likely be able to get tickets for one event or another during your stay, and a great opportunity to dress to impress as you absorb some of Lisbon’s local culture.


Casino Lisboa

This massive glass-front entertainment complex is located along the waterfront, and is something of a modern cultural staple of the port city. It’s a flawless example of why casinos have continued to thrive in some major European cities despite the rise of online alternatives. Not just in Europe but from places like Canada and New Zealand, online casinos with secure payment methods and massive game varieties have become extremely available. It’s made the games at these facilities less of a necessity – but the glitz and glam remain, and Casino Lisboa supplies them in spades. It’s an ultra-chic modern venue where you can still feel right at home dressing to the nines and sipping a drink with friends, whether or not you do any gambling.

Restuarante Tágide

As long as you’re going to be spending some time downtown, you should do your best to secure a table at Restaurante Tágide. It’s a gourmet eatery located in another centuries-old building, and the rich history contributes to a unique and delightful ambiance. If the weather is nice, make sure you ask to sit outside, because above all else the place may be most remarkable due to the views it offers of the city. You’ll find traditional but elevated Portuguese cuisine on the menu, and all in all a very classy dining experience that’s perfect to dress up for. Tágide has been called one of the most fabulous eating spots in Lisbon, and that’s saying something.



Rounding out or list his arguably the hottest nightlife spot in Lisbon. Your best outfits will fit right in at this dance club, because it’s got the best DJs, drinks, and dancing in the city. Normally the Ministerium space, located in yet another historic building, is a high-end restaurant. But on Saturday nights it turns into a party of sorts – a reliably high-energy club scene that attracts some of the most stylish folks in town.

Truth be told, Lisbon is a fairly fashionable city throughout. There are of course plenty of opportunities to dress casually as well, and we aren’t suggesting everyone walks the sidewalks in evening gowns and suits. But as a place so full of history, beauty, and high-class attractions, it has a certain classic quality that lends itself to style.


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