How can a reverse image search tool safeguard your product logos?

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It is not easy to come up with a new product considering the hard work, creativity and persistence needed. Conceptualization is the first thing you have to work on. No success is attained if you introduce something that other brands have already done. Coming up with a unique logo helps immensely but a lot of brainstorming is needed. It needs to portray the company vision as well as be catchy at the same time. The actual issue starts after the logo goes live and gets registered with the company profile. Everyone would not be prepared to invest the same amount of effort. Quality logos get copied and then reused after minor changes. For any business owner, this is a major setback since his identity gets tarnished. The best way to protect a product logo is using a Prepostseo image search tool.

Functional process of this online tool

Will this application actually protect your company logos? How will this task be accomplished? These two questions are present in the mind of every business owner. To start with, you can prevent copyright infringement / illegitimate reuse of images if you have a good professional software. All of them do not provide the best form of assistance. Some of them fail to detect all appearances of an uploaded picture. Take your time while exploring different reverse search soft wares and avoid completely new ones which a lot of users are not aware of. Reputed tools always work well because they have a professional reputation to safeguard.

Here is how this tool actually works.

1.    Select and upload an image in one of the supported formats

The first step is choosing a picture for which you need to go ahead with reverse searching. Most tools that prevent image plagiarism using this technique support multiple formats (JPEG, GIF and TIFF). Make sure that the file is one of these formats before you move ahead with uploading. Some tools have a “drag and drop” option as well. This alternative can be used apart from the conventional file uploading one.

2.    Run the reverse search process and go through the results

After getting done with uploading, click the “reverse search” button. This will initiate the searching and comparison process. The picture uploaded will be contrasted with all images that are copies or relate to it in any way. After that, you can run through the results and see if any of your logos has been reused. If you see multiple copies, immediately report the links to avoid misuse and protect your hard work.

Reverse search protects business reputation

It is not that easy to build a good reputation and even established brands have to work extremely hard to complete this goal. However, losing it and running out of customers can happen with one error only. Scam companies copy logos and upload them on their own pages. These websites do not have a good reputation. In terms of domain authority and page rank, they fall right at the bottom.

 A reputed logo is used to attract customers and trap them. If you are using a legitimate company and a product logo gets a part of one of these negative links, people would start adding your brand to their “no go” list. The scam website would obviously close down after some time but you would end up with a permanent negative reputation.

  • Using a credible reverse search tool can help with a timely solution to this problem. Once the product logo is uploaded, keep a check on its usage. In this way, you would be able to prevent a long scale damage. If you see any signs of image plagiarism, take preventive actions on time.

No cost so you can perform reverse searches without limitations

Even free applications have a ceiling for usage they offer without a registration requirement. The reverse search tool is definitely an exception in this case. It is free and can be used as many times as the user wants to.

  • If you think that reverse image searching is a onetime process, correct this perception. To safeguard your creative assets, you have to keep a regular check on things. In other words, the reverse search process will be performed from time to time. However, there is nothing to worry about as this tool does not have large scaled expenses. Affordability and finances would not make a difference because no cost has to be paid.

Know about each appearance of any image

The shameful act of image plagiarism is increasing rapidly and it has impacted several reputed names. Scam companies would obviously take this as the best option. They download an already created image and reuse it. Can this be avoided through reverse search? If yes, what is the method to do it?

  • Through reverse search, you get a list of links on which copies of an image are present. For instance, if you have uploaded a product logo on the official website and Facebook page, only two links should be shown to you. If there is a third, you can confirm the fact that someone has reused your logo. In other words, all your hard work is at risk. Knowing about this problem in a timely way is only possible through reverse searching.
  • If there are signs of image plagiarism, you can report the website and actions would be taken in accordance with Google standards. It is important to remember that all search engines are strict about the content that their readers get. Copied images is a black spot on their own reputation. Hence, they make sure that no such act takes place. However, the key aspect is knowing about this illegitimate act on time. Through reverse searching, you can know about it without time extensions.


A company logo is related to the reputation of the brand. If any of your product images have been uploaded on a fraudulent website, people would think ten times before trusting you. Hence, make sure that you have a good reverse search tool in hand. This would help you in preventing troublesome situations.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.