How to Make Your Girlfriend Smile


Not everyone is blessed with a charming, outspoken, and vibrant personality. Many a time you may struggle to find out how to make your girlfriend smile. However, the truth is, if you love someone truly, nothing can stop you from having a great life with her. All you need to do is to show that you love and care. You can do some small things to make her smile and strength your relationships.

  • Discover her interest

Learning a little about her hobbies and her interest will help you win her heart. How genuine enthusiasm in her interests outside the relationship. This show is an excellent way to show your care for her.

  • Give her time

Every relationship demands your time. It cannot be complete without giving your bit to it. No matter how busy your routine is, find some time for her with all your attention. This makes her feel special.

  • Stay alert to find things that make her smile

Whenever you are with her alone or in a group with friends, notice every big or small thing that makes her smile. Small indications like her reaction to seeing a pup may help you find her likes and dislikes.

  • Find the things which matter to her and compliment them

Compliments such as beautiful or gorgeous are general. These compliments are good but can come from anyone. Girls need recognition for their special traits like intellect or some skill.

  • Forget your previous relationship

Wipe the slate clean before going into any relationship. It is important to give full and unbiased attention to your girl. It is ok to tell her about the past once but repeating it will not let your present relationship grow.

  • Let her be a little sad

No one can be happy and smiling all the time. Rough patches in life are the time when she would need your support the most. Let her be sad and upset, listen to her with genuine interest and empathy.

  • Be happy and funny

It is important for you to be happy to make her smile. You can transfer your positivity to lift her mood. Do not shy away from saying silly things, as making sense always is not necessary.

  • Bring her a treat for no specific reason

Food is often a great way to connect. You can take her favorite stuff to surprise her with a treat. This will be very delightful.

  • Show unplanned affection

Express your love even when it is not expected or required. You can steal a hug or a kiss randomly or hold her hands during a conversation.

  • Touch her face or cuddle her

Girls often seek affection and security in a relationship. A touch on her cheeks or around her neck will make her smile. You should also embrace her and let her stay in your arms, till she wants.

  • Plan a surprise date

Not every date, meal, or outing has to be planned. You can take her out just to cheer up her mood. Such surprises do wonders in making her smile

  • Cook for her

You can cook a good morning breakfast to surprise her. If you are not a good cook, you can at least offer cooking together. It can be fun to make or spoil a dish together.


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