5 Best Meal Delivery Services West Palm Beach to Try


Meal prep is a great way to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. Meal prepping can also save you time if you’re short on it. For these reasons, many people are opting for meal delivery services in West Palm Beach. That’s why no wonder you’re looking for the best delivery service to try in your region.

There are several benefits of using meal prep services. They offer delicious food that’s easy to prepare with minimal cooking skills needed. This article will discuss the 5 best meal delivery services in West Palm Beach so feel free to read on.

1. Ideal Nutrition

Ideal Nutrition is a favorite of many because it provides healthy and delicious meals. This chef prepared meals delivery service specializes in meal prepping for weight loss, muscle gain, sports performance enhancement or simply to maintain a healthy diet. Ideal Nutrition offers nutritious food that’s low carbohydrate but high protein-based dishes. Its best-selling products include Pulled Chicken and Roasted Sweet Plantains, One Pan Taco Pasta, and many others.

If you’re living in West Palm Beach then check out the various options available on the website. Here, you’ll find detailed descriptions of each product including price, servings per container, etc. You can also view photo images of all items before making your decision.

Ideal Nutrition is one of the best meal delivery services West Palm Beach due to its versatile menu. Here, you’ll be able to choose between traditional, paleo, vegan, and kids’ menus. All meals that contain allergens are marked accordingly for your information.

2. ChefFIT Meal Plans

ChefFIT Meal Plans is another great meal pred delivery in West Palm Beach. Here, you can choose from a variety of meal plans catered individually for women or men. This company also provides an easy-to-use grocery list with corresponding recipes.

The ChefFIT Meal Plans brand offers various menus that can be updated weekly. The average price for meal prep is $100 for 10-12 weekly meals. You’re able to pick the number of portions per week to fit your nutrition needs. Some menu options offer a wide array of meats. While other positions are focused on low-calorie meals with delicious saturated foods.

ChefFIT Meal Plans also has a Meal of the Month subscription. This allows you to try new foods and recipes each month at an affordable price.

3. Fit Food Fresh

Fit Food Fresh covers Broward, Martin, Dade, and Palm Beach Counties. They have a wide array of foods for meal prep plans. All you have to do is follow the menu and add your own food items in advance.

The average price for a meal delivery service plan from Fit Food Fresh is $150-$170 per week. Expect an additional fee when ordering less than 12 meals weekly. The best part about their menu is that they offer gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free options as well.

Fit Food Fresh features a detailed menu. Every product that you find on the website contains all the necessary information. It includes carbs, fats, protein, fiber, total calories, allergens, and others. Meal prepping with Meal Prep Fit is a great way to have food for several days. Their packages start at $85 per week and include breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and drinks.

4. Befit Nutrition

Befit Nutrition is a great choice for those who crave diversity in their meal plan. The meal prep service offers a customizable menu. Here, you can include any product, seasoning, and food that fits your individual diet plan. The prices start at $75 per week.

The Befit Nutrition meal delivery service is an excellent option for those who need to lose weight fast. The service provides low-calorie food that allows you to eat healthily. And you don’t deprive yourself of much-needed calories that your body needs during the day.

This meal-delivery service offers different plans that fit various lifestyle choices and dietary preferences: classic, vegan, keto diet, etc. Apart from that, you can subscribe to their service to get a healthy nutrition guide for free.

5. Meals By Chef-B

Meals By Chef-B is operated by a professional Chef which is a great perk. The meal prep service includes a personalized nutrition plan, fresh ingredients, and meals delivered to your doorstep. Meals are nutrient-rich and delicious with proper portion control.

As for the prices on their meal delivery plans, they range from $39-$59 per meal. This is more affordable than many other services in West Palm Beach. Meals By Chef-B also allows you to customize your order so that it fits your needs best.

Started by two young entrepreneurs who were passionate about healthy food 20 years ago, these meal preps have become one of the most popular Meal Services around today. It’s because of how easy they make cooking at home seem to like.


There are lots of meal prep delivery services in West Palm Beach to choose from. Meal prep delivery is a great option for people who don’t have much time to cook but want to eat healthy and delicious food at home. Meal prepping also helps you save money each month if you’re making your own lunches or dinners instead of buying them in the store when you’re hungry.

Here, we outlined the top 5 meal delivery services West Palm Beach to choose from. And our favorite is Ideal Nutrition due to its versatile menu and reasonable prices.

Written by Megan Taylor
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