How to Wear Red and Look Great

How to Wear Red and Look Great

Red is synonymous with passion and seductiveness. It’s one of the most flirtatious, attention-grabbing and interesting colors. It can look elegant and classic, luxurious and chic, but also a little tricky and dangerous. Both men and women love this color, yet most of them feel a little scary wearing red clothes, as red flatters not everyone. Being quite a capricious and dangerous color, red requires certain style knowledge for pulling it off right.

So, why is red so terrifying? First of all, you become a magnet for attention wearing red, so you have to make sure you look 100% perfect. The second reason of avoiding red is that this flashy hue accentuates any skin imperfections, like a pimple, a fake tan or a scar. Last but not least, the wrong shade of red can make you look sick. It becomes clear that red is not easy to pull off. However with these easy style tips, you’ll finally reveal it to yourself how to wear red and look great.

How to Wear Red

The most important step in looking great in red is to find your shade of red. It should add some warmth to your look and should be in complete harmony with your skin tone, eye color and hair. It’s wise to experiment with various shades of red and stick to the one, which makes you feel and look powerful and sexy. Here are a few tips about how to choose your shade of red:

• If you have light blonde hair and pale blue, green or gray eyes, go for pale red tones with a blue undertone. You should avoid any orangey shades.

• Women with black or dark brown hair, dark eyes and olive or dark complexion are advised to choose dark and strong shades of red with a blue undertone. They should avoid orangey tones.

• Redhead ladies with golden skin tone and eyes of any color will look amazing in orangey reds. They should stay away from blue-based reds though.

• Ash blond and grey-haired women should opt for purple-reds and blue-based red tones. Orangey reds aren’t for them though.

• If you have dark brown or black hair and blue, green or gray eyes, you will look terrific in the brightest red tone.

• Those with dark blonde or brown hair and soft-colored eyes are advised to pick soft and muted reds.

What to Wear Red With


Once you have picked the best shade of red for you, you should know how to pull it off. Red is for confident fashionisers, who always need extra attention. If you aren’t this type of woman, you can opt for red accessories, such as red shoes, a belt in red, a hat, gloves, a handbag, a scarf or some jewelry in this passionate color. Red lipstick or red nail polish can also be great accessories for your neutral toned outfits.

For better imagination on how to pull off red clothes, take a look at these great tips:

• Red and white, as well as red and black are some of the most classic color combinations, which always look great. However, you can never surprise anybody opting for these combinations. A better idea is to mix all the three and look chic and unique.

• To get an interesting result, play with various shades of red. For instance, match tomato red with hot fuchsia, pale red with deep violet, coral with light rosy, etc.

• Step out of boxes and go for bolder combinations, such as red and blue, red and beige, or red with green shadows.

• Red printed pieces also look fantastic. Moreover, they aren’t that attention-grabbing and aggressive. Think a red polka-dotted or striped blouse or a sexy red floral-printed skirt to play it safe.

Where to Wear Red


Red is an amazing color, yet you should know where to wear it. It’s perfect for a night out, for a date (not for the first one though!), for a walk with friends. However, be careful when wearing red to work. Play it safe by opting for a red scarf or belt, if you find your office look too boring. A red blazer or pencil skirt will look fabulous too, but make sure to go for subdued reds, rather than eye-popping deep tones.

Despite its complicated and whimsical character, red is a powerful color that gives a wearer a certain feeling of freedom, confidence and sex appeal. As you see, pulling off this daring hue isn’t that difficult and you haven’t been right excluding it from your wardrobe. It’s time to go bold and trendy, it’s time for hot red now!


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