Why Should You Opt For Boot Cut Jeans In 2019?


Bootcut jeans – they’ve been a trend that everybody loves to hate. Whether it’s their association with pushy salesmen, or simply because they went out of fashion, most of us haven’t even considered this style in decades. However, as with a lot of retro styles, bootcut jeans seem to be making quite the compact. From designer bootcut jeans to high street brands, everyone seems to be releasing more and more designs – here’s why you should get involved with the rising trend this year.

What Are Bootcut Jeans?

Bootcut jeans are a style that sees the leg of your jeans flare outwards from the knee, resulting in a hem that is around one inch or so wider than the entire circumference of the knee. This particular cut was designed in the 1800s, produced by workers who were looking to wear their pants over their boots more easily. During the cooler months, modern bootcut jeans make it easier to pop on a pair of boots with your outfit, without tackling with the denim. During summer or warmer weather, they can be worn with chunky, but low-riding shoes.

Bootcut vs. Straight Leg

When it comes to choosing between bootcut, and standard straight-leg cuts, it will ultimately come down to the event, and your personal preference – that, and your height and body shape!


Generally speaking, straight leg jeans are perfect for those of us on the shorter sides, as they can add the illusion of longer legs, while bootcut jeans do the opposite. Those wanting to shorten the look of their legs can do so with a good pair of bootcut jeans. On a similar strain, straight leg jeans are best suited to those with narrower hips and thighs, while bootcut jeans tend to sit best on women who are on the more well-endowed side. The flare helps to balance out the overall silhouette.

The Skinny Bootcut

The re-emerging trend seems to be focused not on bootcut jeans as a whole, but in the slim or skinny variety. These alternative cuts feature less flare with all the benefit of wearing boots underneath, with some makes even featuring slits in the front, back or sides of the hem to give the jeans a more chic look. Contrary to the original design making legs look shorter, these thinner, skinner cuts make for a taller overall look, particularly when paired with heeled boots.

The Right Shoes

Last but not least, you need to make sure you’re pairing the jeans with the right shoes to truly make the most of the look. Due to their ‘retro’ or ‘vintage’ connotations, boot cut jeans are best matched up with chunkier shoes, including boots, heeled wedges, platforms and similar. You can also get away with small ballerina pumps, but make sure that the length of the jeans doesn’t leave them dragging along the floor when you walk.

Bootcut jeans may have had negative connotations in the past, but they’re making quite the comeback this year. Jump on the trend before the end of the year and style out your bootcuts as you see fit.


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