Push Up Jeans are the Hottest Fashion Trend


Today, we hear a lot about push-up jeans, modeling jeans, and even super modeling jeans because the prototype of the perfect woman is increasingly based on the shapes present at the right point and on a curved silhouette instead of very thin as it was many years ago in the eighties / nineties.

How to choose the right pair of jeans

Jeans can be a difficult piece of clothing to wear. There are women who hardly ever wear them because they say they don’t dress well. This happens when you wear jeans that crush your body, leaving you with “no shape” instead of enhancing your shape.

The secret to a pair of jeans that fits you is in the fabric, in the sewing on the B side and in the amount of elastane which must not be too high or too low.

Push up jeans by Freddy are designed and studied by expert designers with special sewing that is used to perfectly shape optically the B side with the result of giving an extraordinary push-up effect.

Push up jeans by Freddy: the turning point


Once worn, these push up jeans will leave all those who have the pleasure of trying them open-mouthed, and given the aesthetic effect, comfort and high quality, it will be difficult to go back to the old jeans that you will leave sitting in the wardrobe.

Created with high-quality, soft fabrics, the push up jeans by Freddy will adapt to your body, giving you a feeling of lightness and comfort. They are so soft that it almost seems that you aren’t even wearing them, and thanks to the cuts with which they are processed, they will give you the certainty that they won’t just enhance your B side but your mood too! Jeans should always be comfortable as much as leggings and jeggings while sculpting to your B-side and making it look sexy! A self-respecting push up jeans must give you that touch of sensuality that a common trouser will never be able to give you, allowing you to easily combine it with a short sweater, a short cape, or a blouse to enhance your femininity.

What is their resistance?

After you wear them, and after having finally found real emphasizing jeans that tend to enhance your silhouette, you will notice that they won’t give up like common jeans; they don’t tend to stretch: on the contrary, with the passing time, they will remain perfectly adherent to your body like the first time you wore them, continuing to outline your B side perfectly. This is possible thanks to the perfect mix of cotton and elastane, together with the fabric fibers with that it is made of, able to not give up after wearing them or after several washes.

To be convinced that you are wisely spending your money, we recommend buying only jeans that make you feel beautiful, and especially prefer push-up jeans to the common jeans because these will certainly be sexier and more sensual. Freddy has been the leader in push up jeans for years; they will always remain UP, following you in your every adventure! Beware of always buying the original Freddy’s push up: you may end up with lower quality pants that don’t lose adherence after few washings.

What we suggest is that you always search for three things: our glazed logo on the back side of your pants, where the sewing is; the silicon strip located around your waist in the internal side of your pants to help the pant stay up, and the Freddy belt loop.

Search and see with your own eyes what they say about us: https://freddystore.com/