Wear your Aran With Pride This St Patrick’s Day

On March 17th 2021, millions of people in Ireland will be joined by the Irish diaspora worldwide to celebrate St Patrick’s day. Traditionally, this a day of dressing in green and enjoying everything that is loved about the Irish culture. It’s a day when everyone with Irish ancestors wears their Irishness with pride to honor Ireland’s patron saint, St Patrick. There is nothing that says Irish like Aran!

Wear Shamrocks With Pride

Universally known as the symbol of St Patrick’s Day, the shamrock leaf is steeped in history. It is believed that Ireland’s Patron Saint used the leaf of the shamrock plant to explain the Holy Trinity on his travels.  According to Irish folklore, a four-leaf shamrock also brings good luck as part of the clover family.

Wear the shamrock symbol with pride this St Patrick’s Day with our cozy merino wool shamrock hats, available in three colors. Each adorned with a row of shamrocks. Match your hat with an equally soft and stylish shamrock scarf for a complete look. Alternatively, coordinate your green shamrocks with our Kelly Green fine merino scarf.

St Patrick’s Day For All The Family

What child doesn’t love a party with face paint and a fun hat to wear? Getting children involved in St Patrick’s Day is a great way to teach them about their Irish roots.

It’s never too early to start learning about the traditions of the Aran Islands. Wrap up the youngsters in the family in cozy Cable Knit Aran Ponchos and Shamrock sweaters and tell them tales of the Emerald Isle. Even the newest arrivals can enjoy some Irish Aran style with a Merino wool Sheep and Shamrock Baby Throw. Why not organize some St Patrick’s Day games and activities for them too, like:

  • A gold themed scavenger hunt for the little leprechauns
  • Try Irish Dancing
  • Make shamrock cookies
  • Set up a St Patrick’s Day selfie station
  • Cut out shamrock paper chains

For the grown-ups, there are Aran treasures galore for celebrating the most magical day in Ireland’ calendar. For a truly traditional look, opt for the classic white Aran sweater or a moss green hand knit zipper cardigan with pockets. For Mum, there are wonderful super soft cowl neck ponchos in meadow green and cable knit hoodies with a Celtic knot zipper pull.

However, your family celebrate this year in classic Irish Aran, and you will be celebrating in style!

Celebrate Your Unique Heritage

Celebrate your Irish heritage this St Patrick’s day by wearing your clan’s unique Aran pattern.  Adams, Boyles, Delaneys and Mc Governs can represent their clan by sporting their clans’ design. As can hundreds of other Irish families! In our unique ClanAran Range, we have more than 300 certified clan patterns to choose from.

These patterns have been handed down through generations of Irish families. Letting each generation stay connected to the last. Today, you can wear your clan pattern as a sweater scarf or poncho. Find your family’s Aran pattern and crest and kit out the whole family this St Patrick’s Day.

Connect With Your Celtic Roots

Scattered in holy sites and burial grounds around Ireland, you will find stone high crosses carved with intricate Celtic symbols. In the corners of the ancient Book of Kells, look closely, and you will spot find Celtic knots entwined delicately with golden lettering. Celtic patterns like these go back thousands of years. Brought to Ireland by the Celts themselves and used to symbolize strength, family, harmony and much more.

In celebration of Ireland’s Celtic connection, Aran Sweater Market has a range of Celtic inspired accessories inspired by Celtic symbology. These wool-chenille scarfs each have a different Celtic element woven through the borders. Each depicting a different meaning and available in a range of colors, including shamrock mint, icy pink and Alaska grey.  These scarves are perfect for celebrating St Patrick’s Day and all that is Irish. Combine your favorite Celtic and Irish symbols with one of three Celtic scarves featuring the three-leaf symbol.

Wrap Up For Outdoor Celebrations

Everyone celebrates St Patrick’s Day in different ways. If you are lucky enough to be attending a parade or party this year, wrap up in the very best of Irish style.

Stay cozy with your traditional Aran sweaters and cardigans, available in many styles and colors including. Top off your outfit with some cozy accessories and outerwear. The Celtic inspired Donegal Tweed and Pure Wool Walking Cape is a sophisticated silhouette available in four colors. Of course, no Irish man should be seen on St Patrick’s Day without his traditional flat cap and chunky traditional Irish sweater.

Keep the children warm on St Patrick’s Day, whether you are attending a local parade or putting on your own family one. Little girls will love the mustard yellow Donegal Tweed Cape with plaid hood for dressing up and staying cozy. Kids favorites at Aran Sweater Market also include the Irish Tweed Bow Ties and Heart Design Aran Sweaters.

 How ever you are celebrating, we wish you a very happy St Patrick’s Day.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.