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Join in the creative and refreshing DIY wedding invitation trends of 2019. Get the best wedding invitation ideas from styles, themes, and details from this post. 

The DIY wedding invitation trends of 2019 are nothing less than amazing. Couples are getting more hands-on with their wedding invitation designs all the way. This is because it’s what the guests see first, before the couple. So, it should send a message of your decor, style, theme, and the kind of wedding you will be having.

To do this, couples create unique wedding invitations with special attention to colors, motifs, and other intricate details. We’ve seen most of these trends, and we think they are the best wedding invitations for 2019 yet. We picked out the 9 best DIY wedding invitations, from metals to paper for you. 

Metal invitations

We don’t mean metal invitations like iron, rather invitations with metallic hues. They’ve been in trend for about two years. And with florists and decorators adding it to their decor, it’s now incorporated into stationery. Add a touch of or combine metallic hues of copper, gold or silver to give a smashing combination. This is a very modern invitation design that can fly across reply cards, invitations and envelopes. They will send out the message and give a perfect blend to the wedding style. This type of invitation is ideal for a glamourous wedding. 

Watercolor DIY invitations

These are some of the most modern, sentimental, and colorful wedding invitations you can find. They are also very sentimental because they’re personalized. A watercolor wedding invitation reflects the imagery of the couple, wedding destination, or theme. Couples are on a craze for this because they want something that is unique to them. But on this one, lots of creativity goes in. The couple would work with an expert calligrapher or artist to get it right. This is perfect for a tropical destination wedding. 

Wreathed monogram invitations

These are unique wedding invitations with earthy and rustic appeal that scream old world elite style. It should include a smart combination of monogram and floral garland style design. Surround the monogram in a complete or partial wreath made of flowers for the wedding. The couple can customize it to suit across the menu cards, save the date, envelopes, travel cards and stamps. This is the best theme for a rustic wedding. 

Map themed invitations

If a couple is having a destination wedding, this is the best invite for them. It’s very personal and tells where the venue of the wedding is or where the couple comes from. On this one, there’s the choice to go elaborate or toned down. It can also run as the wedding theme and souvenir, from place cards to menu cards, favors, welcome bags and all. The couple can have illustrated maps on them. 

Navy invitations

These are very modern invitation design ideal for formal weddings, nautical and beach weddings. You can rock this one into a sophisticated black tie affair. Weddings on a navy theme can hold in fancy hotels. The couple can also go seaside and stay all laid back. The most popular or navy is the deep hue, and it’s the new black. 

Interlocking monogram invitation

This is an invitation consisting of a blend of traditional and modern designs. A couple can use initials from their first names, only their married names or first names and married names. This creates the interlock. Other things to consider are imagery, colors, bold or cursive fonts, and intricate motifs. Join these initials together to create a monogram across all wedding items. 

Garland and wreath invitations

Way back, garland and wreaths were all for farm weddings, aisles, doors, and tablescapes. But now, they show up on wedding invitations in diverse blooms and colors. Green, pink, peach, grey, and other colors you can think of existing in nature can show up on your garland and wreath invitations. Make them custom by picking out cute shapes of paper. The papers are square, rounded, ticket shaped or even bracket. It suits every wedding.

Invitations shaped in nature’s greenery

This is an awesome invitation that trumps colorful blooms most of the time. It consists of a design of colorful wedding invitations that take the form of leaves. They range from an ethereal silhouette of large palms to thin and narrow leaves. It is ideal for weddings that involve a lot of natural backdrops. They’ve got nothing on greenery invitations. 

Bold and botanical envelope liners

This is one of our favorites and the perfect finish to stunning wedding invitations. A couple may not think the envelope liners, but it is an important detail. These envelope liners are decorative paper placed on the flap of the envelope. If invited guests open the invitation envelope, it pops out to the invitation collection. It’s romantic and a winner. 

The best DIY wedding invitation trends 2019 aren’t going away any time soon. Jump on the bandwagon and get creative. 

Written by Katarina Van Derham
Katarina Van Derham has worked in Hollywood for over a decade, gaining experience in every aspect of media and show business. Knowing the science behind beauty has made her one of the most sought after beauty specialists in the entertainment industry. She is often a judge for model searches and beauty pageants around the world. With a philanthropic heart and passion for leading an ethical lifestyle, Katarina is quickly becoming one of the leading influencers in the vegan and cruelty-free community.