6 Reasons Why Every Girl Needs to Have a Pearl Necklace


From primitive times to the modern era, people have always adorned themselves with jewels and accessories. Regardless of culture, religion, class or creed, people have taken the help of materials and turned them into bracelets, necklaces, rings and other ornaments to make their bodies look attractive and appealing. Back in the day, archaeologists found jewelry pieces made from leather, plant materials and animal hides that were adorned with feathers, shells, animal teeth, and pebbles. Later, when technology evolved and there was more advancement, gems and metals soon became history and a part of the archaeological records.

Soon a natural gemstone was discovered from the deep oceans that took the world of jewelry and accessories by storm. So now from Asia to North America, Australia to Africa, people across the world consider the pearl as their prized possession, mainly because of its luster, shape and colors. Fashion trends come and go, but one trend that doesn’t fade is that of pearl jewelry.

Gorgeous strands of pearly necklaces and earrings are a must-have for any fashionista or jewelry lover because they know very well that this one accessory is a timeless classic and will never go out of fashion no matter what the current fashion trends are.

There are hundreds and thousands of reasons to have your hands on something made of pearls, but here are six obvious reasons why every girl needs to have a pearl necklace in her jewelry box.

1.    Representation of Traditional and Cultural Values

No festivity or ceremony – whether it is a wedding, milestone achievement, graduation, wedding anniversary or any other special occasion – is considered complete without the wearing or giving of pearls. Each and every bead of pearl comes in its own unique shape and size and without any artificial modification. Whether worn as a brooch, simple string, or the form of a bracelet, pearls are, in Jackie Kennedy’s words, always appropriate.

2.    Intimate Yet Sophisticated

Just like a small baby develops and nurtures in a mother’s womb, pearls too are formed within the womb of mollusks, such as mussels and oysters. Pearls reflect a special bond between you and your dear ones.  The feeling is wonderful when a loved one surprises you with a beautiful pearl necklace or bracelet. Not only they make you feel special and loved, pearls make a lady look classy and sophiscated at the same time. A business woman wearing pearls is considered a thorough professional and is also taken more seriously as compared to those wearing extravagant and catchy jewelry. A single strand or two gives a perfect look, especially when you are at a corporate gathering, in an interview or at a professional meeting.

3.    A Source of Inspiration

When tiny parasites, particles, or organisms make way to mollusks, they answer by forming a pearl sac to protect themselves against any possible threat. When they see a possible threat, an element in them secretes a chemical called calcium carbonate, which helps in covering that possible threat. With the passage of time, the layers increase and automatically form a beautiful, smooth pearl.

Change expert and keynote speaker, Susan Young very articulately challenges people to consider bringing changes in the outlook of their lives just like an oyster and its pearl – starting from hardships and culminating with a special prize.  

4.    Good and Healthy for Humans

The same thing that makes a pearl strong and lustrous also makes it a super beauty food. When you ground a pearl to a fine, rich white powder, you get a nice portion of magnesium along with amino acids, calcium, and a tad bit of minerals. This magic powder is widely used by Chinese herbalists for many ailments. This magic pearl powder has also made its way to the western world of health and wellness and is used as a supplement for health issues relating to women. Even though no concrete source has backed the information and research, white powder extracted from pearls reportedly prevents discoloration of skin, cures digestive problems and helps in osteoporosis.

5.    Connection to Nature

Pearls are a beautiful gift from nature because they are grown in water and are not hazardous to the environment. In primeval Greek mythology, water has its unique importance. It is considered as a classical element and is linked with qualities like intuition and emotion. As an ultimate gemstone, often adorned and gifted on special occasions, people often have emotional attachments and fond memories associated with it. No wonder they are Pearls of Joy Jewelry and a woman’s best friend. A very famous French stylist thinks that a single strand of pearl necklace itself is enough to accessorize yourself, it looks gorgeous with every ensemble, is best for every occasion, and a must-have in every woman’s jewelry box.  

6.    The Ultimate Present

When we are given pearls, it is considered as a very thoughtful and a special gift. The one who gifts you spends his/her time and money to pick the best possible pieces of pearls depending upon its size, shape and color and of course with the recipient’s thoughts in mind.  Just like relationships are sensitive and are nurtured with time, pearls too need care and maintenance so that their luster and warm glow doesn’t fade out. Chemicals in lotions, hairsprays, makeup, perfumes, and even swimming pool have the tendency to damage the lustrous coating of the pearl with time. However, even with cosmetics and chemicals, your pearl jewelry can last for a long period of time if properly taken care of.

So make sure that you wear your pearl jewelry frequently in order to maintain their shine. Also get your pearls periodically cleaned and washed by a reliable and professional jeweler so that they can be used from one generation to the other.

Now that you know pearls are classy, delicate and a must-have ornament, you have all the reasons in the world to invest a few bucks in a nice pearl necklace or a complete jewelry set because when it comes to pearls, you just can’t go wrong!


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