When Should You Choose Ankle Boots Over Tall Boots?


What is the best option, tall or short boots?

The modern definition of “boot” is footwear that covers either the entire foot or lower leg. And since the dawn of time, man has been wearing some form of boot for both protection and ornamentation.

In ancient times, boots were depicted on cave paintings in Spain as early as 12,000 BC. And during the Middle Ages, tall laced boots were considered stylish among those of high rank. In the 12th century, short boots, or “estivaux”, became an extremely popular fashion statement just as they remain today.

For the modern woman, boots are an ideal option this season when it’s getting chilly outside. And during inclement weather, boots are perhaps a safer footwear choice than traditional heels because they hold and support the foot firmly in place. But while both tall and short boots are “in” this season, is the ankle boot flattering to everyone?

It is important to know when to wear an ankle boot versus a taller boot. First, determine whether you have longer or shorter legs. Women who have shorter legs, especially in the calf area, will most likely look their best wearing a tall boot rather than an ankle boot. A tall boot will elongate the calf and create the illusion of both height and length. For example, actress Savannah May is wearing a tall, over-the-knee boot which helps to elongate her petite frame.

Try this look yourself with an elegant pair of italian women’s boots by Loriblu.


However, a woman with shorter legs can still wear ankle boots. But, there are a few guidelines that make wearing them more flattering. For example, she can wear ankle boots if she matches the color of her pants or dress to the boot. You can see here that actress Sarah Baxendale is wearing a short ankle boot, but she matched the color of her pants to the boot. This gives the illusion of length to her legs even though she is of shorter stature.

Also, the ideal type of pant to wear with ankle boots is a long, wide leg pant. After all, you wouldn’t wear tall boots under pants. You would wear ankle boots. In addition, a shorter woman can wear ankle boots under a long coat or dress that skims just below the knee.

On the other hand, women with longer legs will benefit greatly from wearing ankle boots. Because their calf is longer, their leg will not appear “cut off” by a shorter boot. Notice how Holley Wolfe is wearing a short, ankle boot by H&M that is a perfect complement to her willowy frame.


Regarding any boots for both short and taller women, these boots must fit properly to each woman’s ankle and calf. If a boot is too loose or tight in either one of these areas, it will not fit correctly and will look improper and awkward. Therefore, it is best to make certain each pair fits to your specific leg shape. The below pair from Zara is a great example.


It is also important to note that whether you choose an ankle or tall boot, a minimum 2-inch heel will always add elegance to your overall look.

As history proves, both short and tall boots will never go out of style. And with the right knowledge of how to make them look best on your specific body type, you can successfully wear both types of boots this season.