Eyeliner Tricks and Tips from Professionals


How to Apply Eyeliner Perfectly

Applying eyeliner is an easy task. At least, that is what most of us think. Applying eyeliner requires patience and persistence to make it work. And it can be frustrating and challenging, at times. The good news is that if you learn the ins and outs of applying makeup like a pro, you will have it easy the next time you apply it. With that in mind, we have a couple of useful tips for people who suck at eyeliner. Read on to learn how to apply it like a professional.

Use sharp eyeliner

If you are trying to line your eyes with dull eyeliner, the results will be awful. There is no other way around it. Always make sure your eyeliner is sharp. To ensure that, keep an eye pencil sharpener in your makeup bag. Applying eyeliner is all about precision. And the best way to make sure you are precise is to use a sharp pencil that will result in smooth and even application.

Eyeliner transfers onto the eyelid

If you have oily skin, you’ve probably experienced this tragic accident before. This mistake is also common among women with smaller and hooded eyelids.

And if you think there is no way of fixing it, think again. All you have to do is increase the height of your liner on your eyes. This way, the line is still visible even when you open your lids. And most importantly, when you open your eyes, the liner will not transfer onto the eyelid.

Make sure you do an even line

If your eyeliner is always thicker on one side, you have a problem. Now, this mistake is easily visible, and you can fix it just as easily. All you have to do is see yourself in the mirror, and check if one line is thicker than the other. If one line is thicker, build the other one to match.

However, be careful not to end up with two thick lines. If both lines are too thick, take some of the liner away using a precision tip cotton swab. Dip it in some oil-based makeup remover, and take away the excess liner of your eyes.

Figuring the colored liner

Every now and then, we want to spice things up. This applies to applying eyeliner, as well. Some women are ready to make the switch; others are not. If you haven’t figured out colored eyeliner yet, we have a simple tip for you.

The trick with using colored liner is keeping it simple. Do not go for a full-on intense look. Instead, you can use just a subtle pop of color on the lower or upper lash line. Never apply colored eyeliner to both the upper and lower lash line.

When to curl lashes?

A lot of women are making the single greatest mistake. And that is curling your lashes after you’ve applied eyeliner. Even if you use waterproof mascara, curling your lashes after applying eyeliner will smudge the liner.

The fix is simple. Curl your lashes first, and then apply waterproof eyeliner. It is the only way to prevent a mess on your eyelid.

Do not use liquid liner on the lower lid

Liquid liner is a good thing. We have nothing against it. Liquid liners are actually great for adding definition to your look. The problem is when you use it on the lower lid, the liner can smudge and then transfer easily.

That is why we suggest using only waterproof pencil eyeliner on the lower lash line. There is no way for the pencil liner to travel down your cheek during the day.

Gap between the lashes and eyeliner

This is usually a beginner’s mistake. If you are new in the world of applying makeup, you are probably too scared to get close enough to the base of your lashes. As a result, you leave a gap between the lashes and the eyeliner.

Do not worry. There is a solution. Just line your eye as close as you can to the lash line. After that, slightly pull up on the lower half of your upper eyelid, to reveal any bare spots. If there are bare spots that need more love, apply eyeliner there, as well.

The line does not look sharp

Sometimes, you think you can apply liner as sharp as ever. Some women try the strategy of pulling the eyelid out tight to apply liner. But what happens is when you release your skin, the line no longer looks sharp. In other words, it is the wrong strategy for a sharp lash line.

What you can do instead is look the opposite way of where you are applying the eye makeup. This makes your lids more taut. In other words, if you apply liner to the inner corner of the eye, look to the outer corner.

Bad smudging

If you are smudging your liner too low, it will make you look like you have dark circles. And we are sure you do not want that. Women are looking for ways how to get rid of dark circles, not how to get them.

Smudging is an important part of applying makeup. To do it properly, line your eye as close to the lash line as possible. After that, use a smudger brush, one that is skinny enough. This way, it won’t blend the liner below. Think smoky eyes, not solid black for a perfect look.

Uneven winged liner

Winged eyeliner makeup is one of the latest trends in the makeup world. And while it looks awesome, if the winged liner is uneven, you are doing something wrong. And believe it or not, all you need is a simple trick to nail it perfectly.

Use the angle of your lower lash line as a guide for the flick. Place a dot at the outer corner of each eye, and then use a liquid eyeliner to match up the sides. There you go, simple, easy, and perfectly executed.

Liner travels down the face

There is nothing worse than your eyeliner traveling down your face just a few hours after you’ve applied it. The solution is using waterproof makeup products, like a waterproof eye pencil. To ensure your makeup stays, line the lower lash line with a waterproof eye pencil, and then top it with black shadow to lock it. You can apply a translucent powder at the end to ensure nothing goes down your face.

Lining entire eye on small eyes

When you have small eyes, you want to open them as much as possible. Lining the entire eye will close your eyes even more. And as a result, your small eyes will look as tiny as possible. You definitely do not want that.

The fix is simple. Apply liner to the outer V corner in order to open up your eye area. Use a black kohl pencil and then smudge it with an eye shadow brush.

You do not remove your makeup

If there is one thing you absolutely cannot afford, it is applying makeup on an already-used canvas. In other words, you are not removing all your eye makeup properly before applying eyeliner. Make sure to clear away any residue by using a precision cotton swab dipped in oil-based makeup remover. And then, apply new makeup on your clean canvas.


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