The Eyeshadow Color You’ve Always Feared Is Trending in 2019


Green is usually that one eyeshadow that remains untouched in your palette. With the rise of the ’80s, many bold colors rose back to fame in 2018 such as electric blue and purple. Thanks to the many Insta-famous beauty gurus, we even dared to copy brightly-hued makeup looks that include red, pink, yellow and other risky shades. Somehow, green was left out. That won’t be the case in 2019, because this pretty eyeshadow color already took over the red carpets. Swipe through this article to discover all the celebrity-approved ways to wear green on your lids.

Kendall Jenner

Photo By @maryphillips/Instagram

Kendall Jenner is undoubtedly a makeup minimalist. Surprisingly, she hopped on the green eyeshadow trend in the boldest way possible. Rocking an acid wing, Kenny proved you can keep it natural even with green on the lids. Note that bright shades of green look gorgeous on dark eyes.

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Written by Ivana Steriova
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