Closure Wigs and You


Closure wigs; what a weird name! Even as these wigs gain in popularity, they remain something of an enigma. It is time to look at what they actually are and are not, as well as who they are a good fit for.

Definition of closure wigs

These unique wigs are hair extensions worn at the crown of the head. They have a piece of material, either silk or lace, and they imitate the natural hair growth. 

These wigs come in multiple sizes with options that include both lace and silk. Be sure to try multiple varieties of material because that is where most people’s satisfaction or dissatisfaction with closure wigs originates. 

Pros and Cons of Closure Wigs

Advantages of closure wigs

  1. They provide a more natural look. Hairline is where Closure wigs shine. This difficulty mimicking the area of hair growth is why closure wigs exist. 
  2. Many styles for anyone! Updo, pony, and more can all be worn with a closure wig. 
  3. They keep your own hair safe and healthy. The closure wig will take the brunt of heat and other damage from the great outdoors or meticulous styling.

Disadvantages of closure wigs

  1. A higher initial investment. Crafted with higher quality products to better mimic a hairline, these wigs are not discount bin finds. 
  2. Care and proper handling matters. Despite the quality of the materials, closure wigs need to be washed and conditioned and can even need resealing to keep them looking realistic for years to come. 

Difference Between Frontal Wig and Closure Wig

Definition and Overview of Frontal Wig

From one ear to the other, frontal wigs are designed with lace to create a real-looking hairline. Even the part of the hair can be hard to spot with a quality frontal wig. These wigs do offer a great degree of choice when you consider the ways you can part the hair without losing its authentic look.

Multiple styling options are opened up with frontal wigs as well. 

Main Differences between Frontal and Closure Wigs

Head Placement

Partial or complete hairline coverage is the biggest difference in frontal and closure wigs. With closure wigs, you have coverage at the crown of your head. The frontal wig, on the other hand, is designed to extend over the entire hairline along the front.

Reasons to Choose a Closure Wig

Which Coverage Area is right for you?

Closure wigs can better offer a blended realistic hairline than most other wigs. At the same time, frontal wigs will cover a larger area of the head. Which one looks best on you depends on your personal style goals. 

The best way to really see what the difference looks like on you is to visit a local location like Private Label. There, you can try both types and see the differences in your head. 

Styling Flexibility

If you are looking for more options in look and parts, then the frontal wig will be more impressive for you. This is because there is simply more there to work with. 

Difference Between Forehead Wig and Closure Wig

Definition and Overview of Forehead Wig

The goal of all forehead wigs and hair pieces is to merge seamlessly with your existing hairline. 

Main Differences between Forehead and Closure Wigs

Hairline Construction

Both of these wigs are designed in different ways. The closure wig, for instance, is created to copy the look of your head. 

Forehead wigs, on the other hand, are intended to match your existing hairline. 


In this area, closure wigs are the clear winner. The base, whether it be silk or lace, offers an increased strength. Forehead wigs, on the other hand, are forced to depend on glues or fragile clips. 

Realistic and Natural

Their ability to pass as natural hair is because they have what appears to be the same hair pattern as natural hair. Closure wig’s claim to fame is their ability to look real and pass as your actual hairline!

Customization Options

Want to part your closure wig in the middle? How about along on the right or left side? Closure wigs offer this and more versatility! 

Ease of Installation and Maintenance

A great choice for people new to hair extensions and wig closure, wigs can be worn with glue and clips, and some come with straps!

When you would wash your own hair, it’s time to wash your closure wig. Use the same quality shampoo and conditioner as you use on your own hair. After all, you want them to continue matching!

How to Wear a Closure Wig

Preparing Your Natural Hair

  1. Never put any wig, even a closure wig, on over dirty hair. Shampoo and dry your natural hair first. 
  2. Style your natural hair so it sits flat on your head. Some people will use braids or even cornrows to accomplish this. 
  3. Make use of a wig cap to simplify the process. 

Applying the Closure Wig

  1. As you begin, the closure wig needs to line up with your own hairline. 
  2. Now shift the closure wig so it is secure on your head. 
  3. Whichever method you select to keep your closure wig on your head, now is the time to use it. Remember to glue, clip, or use straps if it comes with any. 

To blend your wig with your natural hair

  1. You can adjust the bands, even elastic ones, to increase the comfort of your closure wig. 
  2. Use smooth, soft motions with your comb to blend your hair and the hair on the closure wig. 
  3. Sometimes, hairs will not stay where we want them. Fear not; gentle styling products to control hair can be used with most closure wigs.

Styling the Closure Wig

  1. Be Brave! Try parts in new and exciting ways! Or even skip the part for a brand-new look. 
  2. Heat can damage your hair and your closure wig as well. Use styling tools that rely on heat with caution and to the wig manufacturer’s instructions. 
  3. Wanted to try a ponytail or braids, but your own hairline was not up to the look? Try them now with your closure wig. 

What is the lifespan of a closure wig?

Factors Influencing Lifespan

Higher quality matters: If you select a used or cheap dollar brand closure wig, you can expect it to last as long as the trip to the car from the store. This is not a product to skimp on. 

Maintenance: Follow the tips in this blog and the instructions that come with your closure wig, and you can expect to get many years of use from it. 

Frequency of wear: If you wear your closure wig daily, it will not last as long as if you wear it only once a month. That being said, don’t be afraid to wear it when you feel the need! Proper care will keep it looking its best even if you wear it regularly. 

Ready to go for the realistic look and style of a closure wig?

Then contact a hair expert at Private Label either online or at a local location today! This is an exciting time, and we are excited to help you find the perfect closure wig to express yourself one hair at a time!

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.