Dare To Dye: Insanely Gorgeous Bold Hair Colors for the New Year

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You have probably seen those gorgeous bold hair colors all over your Instagram feed. More and more people are daring to dye their hair in some vibrant colors. Even celebrities can’t resist these bold hair dyes. Kylie Jenner debuted the denim-hued hair a while ago. Since then everyone went crazy over blue hair and started trying new daring hair colors.

Many celebrities also tried crazy hair dyes. With the rise of the millennial pink obsession, the pastel pink hair was a huge trend for summer. This is one of the prettiest hair colors and looks good on almost everybody. It may sound weird that everyone can pull off pink hair, but is true. The pastel pink is the color of millennials and looks beautiful on everyone.

Other bold hair dyes that everyone can pull off are pastel colors. Soft colors such as lilac hair color, pastel blue hair color, and lavender hair are the bold hair color transformations that flatter any skin tone. These hair colors are unique but still on the safe side. You have to be careful with very vibrant hair colors because not every color suits your skin tone.

Anyway, if you want to get tremendous hair transformation, we have some ideas for you. Vibrant yellow hair is not something that many people would dare to wear. The good news is that yellow is a color that looks good on most people like other warm colors. Remember the yellow blush trend that looked good on everyone? The same applies to yellow hair color. Green and turquoise hair color are another options, but much riskier than the yellow one.

For more hair color inspiration take a look at these insanely gorgeous vibrant hair colors and dare to dye your hair in some of these unordinary hues.

Dare to Dye Insanely Gorgeous Bold Hair Colors purple and blue hair

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Paint parts of your hair in a couple of vibrant colors if you are bold enough to pull it off.

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