Should You Hire a Lawyer After a Personal Injury?


Suffering a personal injury can be highly traumatic. Not only does it lead to physical injuries that may cause further health problems or disabilities, but also psychological trauma and emotional distress.

Personal injuries can also cause financial strain as the individual affected may need to pay medical bills for treatments and surgeries to resolve their injuries. They might also need to take time off work, leading to lost wages.

If you’ve sustained a personal injury and believe somebody else caused it, you may be able to take legal action against them. If you can prove their negligence, they may be liable for your injuries and be forced to pay compensation.

Filing a legal claim is a complex process that requires an expert personal injury lawyer, such as those at Lamber Goodnow. With the expertise of an attorney, you can create a claim against the person responsible for your injuries and win compensation.

Should You Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

As simple as this sounds, many people are unsure whether to hire a personal injury lawyer when injured. They might feel their injuries aren’t severe enough to warrant a personal injury claim or don’t have enough evidence to prove the other person’s negligence.

Every legal case is unique, and unfortunately, we can’t provide a one-size-fits-all answer for you. Whether it’s worth hiring a personal injury lawyer to claim compensation for your injuries depends on a variety of factors, including the severity of your injuries, the evidence you can collect, and the financial losses you’ve experienced as a result of your injuries.

Below, we’ve covered some important factors to consider when you’re wondering whether it’s worth hiring a personal injury lawyer or not.

The cost of the lawyer and your budget

Lawyers aren’t cheap. However, the return on your investment could be huge if you go on to win your compensation claim.

The exact cost of hiring a personal injury lawyer depends on their unique fees and costs, the complexity of your case, and the length of time it takes to resolve your claim. You will need to consider the total costs of filing a legal claim before committing to hiring a lawyer to ensure it aligns with your finances.

In some cases, hiring a personal injury lawyer may not be financially beneficial. If you only have minor injuries requiring very few medical treatments and you can speak directly with the person responsible, you may handle the claim on your own.

If you’re unlikely to gain compensation because you have no evidence of liability, you may be unsuccessful in gaining compensation and hiring a lawyer would only set you back even further financially.

However, it is absolutely worth hiring a personal injury lawyer if somebody else’s negligence clearly caused your injuries, and you’ve sustained serious injuries that require long-term treatments. If you’ve lost wages, had to pay extensive medical bills, or been traumatized by your injuries, a lawyer can help you gain the compensation you deserve.

Liability and insurance coverage


A couple of additional aspects to consider when you’re deciding to hire a lawyer following a personal injury are liability and insurance coverage.

If liability is obvious and you can easily prove that your injuries are due to another person’s error or negligence, the insurance companies involved in the case are likely to be cooperative, and you may be able to agree to a fair compensation settlement without the help of a lawyer.

However, if your case is less clear-cut and you think you will struggle to prove liability, getting legal representation may be in your best interest. Insurance companies will do everything they can to minimize insurance payouts, and having a trusty lawyer by your side will ensure you get every dollar you deserve.

Your knowledge of legal proceedings

The average person has very limited knowledge of the law and has no idea what to do regarding a legal claim for compensation. If this relates to you, it could be in your best interest to hire a lawyer following a personal injury.

Legal proceedings can be complex and daunting. Hiring an expert personal injury lawyer makes the process smoother and simpler for you. They will explain everything in simple terms without using legal jargon so you understand exactly what is going on at every stage of your case.

Your lawyer will ensure you can make informed decisions about your case and that the outcome of your claim is how you desire. They will also work with you to collect all the necessary documentation and evidence to support your case, whether you choose to take it to the courtroom or not.

Written by Megan Taylor
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