How to Create the Perfect Memory Gallery


One of the wonderful things about having your own space is that you get to decorate it however you like, and that can include filling it with your favorite memories. If you’ve got a blank wall that’s begging to be re-decorated, or if you want to display evocative mementos of happy occasions, a memory gallery is always a great choice.

Whether it’s wedding photos, family photos, pictures of your travels, or celebrating with people you love, we can show you how to make a perfect memory gallery to keep your special moments close to hand.

Keep it flexible

New memories are made all the time. Plus, if you’ve got a lot of sentimental pictures, you might want to change up what you have displayed on your memory gallery from time to time. To give yourself flexibility in what you display, you can use a mounting solution like one of the STAS art hanging systems, which let you reposition hooks and add new ones when needed. This means that you can always have your most precious memories on display without lots of redecorating and having to fill and re-drill holes.

Mix photos and physical items

One terrific way to improve your memory gallery is to think outside the box. Don’t be restricted to just showing off photographs. You can also include souvenirs from holidays, concert tickets, baby clothes – whatever makes you feel happy. You add these in by using pinboards or display boxes as well as traditional frames.

Choose the right background

Choosing the right background color is important to make sure that your memory gallery really pops. Many people choose a neutral shade such as beige or grey for their memory gallery, but you don’t have to go neutral if it doesn’t suit your home. There are plenty of great colors for displaying art and pictures, including jewel tones and brighter looks. Just make sure they don’t wash out your photos.

Make sure you have enough light

You want to make sure that your precious memories can be seen properly, so it’s important to get enough light onto your walls. This can be done with ceiling lights, lamps, or even mirrors. Just make sure that the lights don’t clash with the theme of your memory wall. For example, avoid mirrors with ornate frames if you’re going for a more minimalist look in your gallery.

Mix heights and placement

If you want your memory gallery to really stand out, be sure to vary the heights, placements, and sizes of the items you display. This helps add a whimsical touch and an interesting visual element to your wall and lets you highlight the most important memories.

Make sure it tells a story

This is meant to be a wall for your memories, so you can focus on making sure that it tells the story of your life. Try to select the memories that mean the most to you, including pictures or items from significant life events that remind you of the good times you’ve had.

Pick the right frames for your decor

There’s an art to picking the right picture frames for your display. The best plan is to choose frames that complement the rest of your decor. If you have a relatively low-key or laid-back style in your house, you might want to focus on more minimalist frames. If you prefer a more decorative or flamboyant style, have a look at antique frames, as these can be a great way to bring some character into your home.

Consider variation with plants or other decorations

Your memory wall doesn’t just have to be sentimental pictures and souvenirs. You can break up your memory gallery with other items like wall-hanging plants or mirrors to help create a unique effect. Just make sure the focus is still on the precious memories.

Your perfect memory gallery: Conclusion

There are plenty of ways to elevate your memory wall to make it something super special. Picking the right wall color, making full use of a flexible display system, and designing it so it looks amazing with the rest of your decor are all important. There’s no wrong way to display your precious memories and souvenirs – it’s all about what makes you feel at home.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.