Lifestyle Routines That Help You Be The Best Version Of Yourself


Nowadays a lot of people are practicing a hasty, rapid lifestyle filled with unhealthy habits that are affecting their mood. People are overwhelmed with the particular concepts of life that are promoted by the majority of society, while those concepts are diminishing other important ideals of life, like taking care of your inner self, mental and spiritual alignment, and consciousness. Knowledge dating even as far back as the ancient civilizations implies that the balance of all the elements reflected in our life needs to be maintained.

This balance will allow us to unlock our true potential and be the best version of ourselves. By undertaking few changes in your daily routine, you’ll find a way to improve yourself, your mood and your health. Here are some suggestions on how to get the most out of your twenty-four hours of action.

Replace coffee with tea 

First of all, we are going to mention a few characteristics of the coffee that are considered unpleasant or substandard, and therefore, its replacement with black tea can be viewed as a jackpot. Coffee can cause a feeling of anxiety if it is consumed in large quantities. Besides that, coffee can cause discomfort in your stomach because it contains more acidic compounds than tea. They can affect your stomach by causing general discomfort and GI disturbances.

Increased intake of caffeine is linked to negative effects like sleep disruptions, insomnia, and heart palpitations. Also, caffeine is a diuretic so it can be dehydrating when consumed excessively. So it is highly recommended to replace this beverage with black tea because it is the closest option to satisfy your need for caffeine and is still a healthier and more preferable solution.

Black tea is a perfect alternative to coffee. One of the reasons we can mention as an advantage is that black tea can be consumed in various combinations while enjoying its natural taste. Although it contains a small amount of caffeine, it is still enough to keep you awake, and in that regard, precautions should be taken while planning to take it in the evening. It is recommended to not use it immediately before going to bed.

Practicing morning meditation

The principles of meditation are known worldwide, and probably everybody heard about the benefits of meditation, but somehow people never find a way, time, or courage to try it. Doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, a career woman or housewife, businessman, doctor or lawyer, you will have an incredible benefit from meditation.

The act of meditating causes your brain to secrete endorphins, which are responsible for making us feel good, emotionally and physically. Research shows that it is best to meditate early in the morning, although the possibility of doing it during the day is not excluded. If you don’t have enough time you can try some quick meditation. Meditating for even a few minutes daily will provide you a better mood all day long. 

You should stop spending your time running as fast as you can just to keep up. It is quite good to take some time to be with yourself. Meditation gives more energy during the day, strengthens your focus, but also makes you feel calmer and more centered.

All you need for good meditation is to find a place where you won’t be disturbed. Also, discover the best techniques that work for you. Some people combine meditation with yoga. Meditation or yoga can make you feel fully energized and filled with self-confidence throughout the day, especially if you are doing a stressful job. After practicing meditation you can have your favorite beverage, such as an energizing daytime tea blend

Spiritual upgrading 

When you achieve mental awakenings, they can result in the development of a new personality. This personality will make you feel empowered with more respect and self-love. This type of transformation requires cutting away and moving past old negative patterns and working on developing positive qualities such as self-acceptance and understanding. Think about whether you are the same person from five years ago? And do you see yourself in the future with present unresolved problems? Certainly not. 

Everybody has to make some major life-enhancing positive shifts once in a while. How can you improve your spirit by connecting with your inner self? One of the ways is to try gazing into a reflective surface, such as water or mirrors and it will help you get in touch with your unconscious mind. Another practice that you can do is set the intention to see, meet, or speak with your spirit guide within your dreams. By repeating this routine you can connect with your desires.

Hobbies that make you fulfilled 

Surely, in your childhood, you had a hobby that remained as an unfulfilled wish. For example, doing ballet or learning some foreign language. You can always go back to those childhood dreams and make them come true. This will make you feel fulfilled and you will return to the carefree days of your youth. It is never too late to start a ballet course or learn a new language. It will give you the knowledge and make you upgrade your personality.

Participating in humanitarian actions can increase the value of being a good person. There are thousands of helpless people who need support and help. By awakening the philanthropist you are on your way to becoming a better person in society. Of course, you need a lot of love for this task.

It would be very exciting if you could take a journey that is not related to your profession. For instance, some cooking courses or knitting. It could be practicing one of your favorite sports. It is never too late to make some of your wishes come true.

Final thoughts  

All people have different interests and desires. Each of us recognizes what is valuable in life and how to build the best version of ourselves. In the end, what is remembered from our existence on Earth is how much we have done for ourselves, for the environment and for the people we love. There are so many constructive things to do to fill the day with positivity. Try to be the best version of yourself and of course, feel joyful while achieving that.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.