The Ultimate Guide to Shopping for Engagement Rings Online


Deciding to tie the knot is a big life decision. And what better way to celebrate this milestone and cherish the love and affection with your partner than with an engagement ring?  

While that’s the case, choosing the right ring to symbolize your relationship is easier said than done. And in some cases, it can feel overwhelming to choose among your options. Looking for the right one can even be more stressful and trickier if you plan to shop engagement rings online.  

To help you out, this article explores the ultimate guide to shopping for engagement rings online.

1. Research The Store’s Authenticity   

Shopping online offers convenience and saves you time browsing and researching your options. However, a notable downside is that you may fall victim to counterfeit products. Unfortunately, some websites and sellers claim to sell genuine rings but are selling fakes or poor-quality products.   

As such, it’s always best to do your homework and research the store’s or seller’s authenticity when shopping online. Doing so can guarantee your money’s worth and avoid scams or fraudulent transactions.  

You can begin your search by checking out the website of branded stores or jewelers in the market. You probably heard a few reputable ones. While they’re generally more expensive, you can rest assured they’ll deliver. On the other hand, there are jewelry stores that are less known than these stores but also offer quality engagement rings. To confirm their legitimacy, check their website, social media pages, and blogs or articles that may have featured them. Doing so can give you a more or less idea of their offerings.  

In addition, it’s also recommended to check their payment method. A reputable online store usually offers third-party options, such as paying with your card or digital wallet. However, ensure their link is secure and authentic. A padlock symbol and a valid certificate should be on the address bar.  

2. Set A Budget  

Browsing for engagement ring options online can be exciting yet overwhelming at the same time. This is especially true due to your variety of choices- from which gemstone to choose and the ring setting to the ring metal.   

A good and practical way to address this dilemma is to set a budget before starting your hunt for the perfect ring. Generally, there’s no right amount when deciding on a ring budget since it’s a personal choice and depends on how much you are comfortable spending. Aside from preparing you financially, setting a budget helps you narrow your engagement ring options better, preventing you from overspending. 

3. Decide On Gems 

There’s no definite rule when it comes to engagement rings. While some typically think of getting diamonds, couples have more options to explore now. After all, it’s a personal choice- you’d want something that would suit your partner’s taste and personality.  

Aside from classic options like diamonds and sapphires, you can also go for other gemstones like ruby, emerald, or amethyst. Adding a pop of color can be a fantastic way to have a unique ring symbolizing your and your partner’s new beginning. 

In addition, each gem has its distinct characteristics and meaning, which you can consider when deciding which one to get. For example, aquamarine symbolizes communication and courage, reminding you to express your love and affection toward your partner through words or actions. Meanwhile, you can opt for ruby to represent your passionate love.

4. Get A 360° View Online 

One of the biggest challenges when shopping for an engagement ring online is not seeing the actual ring. You can only rely on photos to make your decision about its appearance. For example, some rings may look amazing upfront but may have a thicker band, which may not be your preference. 

With that in mind, looking for an online store that offers a 360° view of the ring can be helpful. This way, you can better assess the ring since you can view the ring’s top, bottom, front, and back views. If the store doesn’t offer one on their website, consider emailing their sales team and see if they can provide better images. 

5. Confirm The Ring Size 

Aside from not seeing the actual product, another challenge you may encounter when buying an engagement ring online is the difficulty of returning the product to the store or seller due to the wrong size. While you can quickly ship them out, you may need to pay extra for insurance since they’re costly, and then you have to wait again for the shipment after the ring has been resized.  

To avoid such instances, getting sizing right is critical. A good way to help you confirm your partner’s ring size is to use a ring size chart, which is easily available online. Prepare a printout of this chart; take one of the rings your partner usually wears and lay it on top of the printout to know which size to get. 

6. Read The Fine Print Carefully 

Much like with any products you buy, you’d want to ensure you understand the terms and conditions of your purchase. For example, some jewelry stores or sellers have strict return and refund policies. They may not entertain refund requests due to wrong sizing. In such cases, you must be sure of the size to avoid inconveniences.


Buying an engagement ring for your partner online can be tricky. You’d want something personal that can best symbolize your love. However, with a lot of options, it can be overwhelming to narrow down your choices. 

Hopefully, with the tips above, you can be guided in finding the perfect ring for your partner and make the most of this significant purchase.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.