Ring On It: 10 Cool Styles For The Modern Bride


Engagement rings and wedding bands are two of the most crucial pieces in a woman’s jewelry collection. So, it’s important1 to put enough thought and consideration when shopping for such items. When your better half entrusts you the act of deciding what ring to pick, things could get confusing, considering the plethora of choices available in jewelry stores today.

Gone are the days when rings come with limited designs and stones. Engagement rings for women today can come in different gemstone colors and other metal choices. In an era when modern women enjoy flexibility, versatility, and minimalism, cooler ring styles have been designed for different female preferences.

Here are some ring designs perfect for a modern bride to help narrow down your choices:

1. Rose Gold Oval Diamond Ring 

Diamond rings can now come in different shapes other than the plain solitaire diamond itself. One option that’s growing in popularity is the oval-shaped diamond, which makes it a perfect engagement ring piece. This shape looks stunning if incorporated into unique wedding rings you want to choose. You should also consider choosing a rose gold band in place of the traditional yellow gold band. A rose gold piece set with diamonds in pale champagne and a unique band shape makes for a gorgeous ring. 

2. Two-Toned Band 

Ring wearers can benefit from this trend in many ways. The viewer will first notice the diamonds all over the band, and then the textured rose gold interior to see two different metal types. If you’re torn between going for yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold, you can choose two out of the three options and have yourself a two-toned wedding band to elevate the look of your wedding ring.  

3. Infinity Twisted Ring 

This ring design features a stylish infinity twist band with a mesmerizing pattern. It can incorporate diamonds on the twisted parts and make the band a bit thicker to 3 mm, allowing the diamond stones to be more emphasized. 

4. Customized Unique Rings 

Couples want their wedding to be a reflection of themselves, and one way to achieve this is to focus on the personal touch when it comes to the rings. The trend for customization has influenced the jewelry market as well. There are many different types of handmade jewelry, and this includes customized wedding rings.

Many couples today love to think of unique and creative personalized details for their wedding rings. They can incorporate details, hidden messages, and engravings on the rings that only both of them will know about.

5. Basic Band Style 

Brides selecting band-style engagement rings over single stone rings has been trending these days. Thicker band engagement rings are becoming commonplace instead of solitaire engagement diamond rings. Since these bands can double as both engagement and wedding bands, modern brides who prefer more practical options could use the same ring for their engagement and their wedding.

6. Baguette And Round Combination Diamonds 

There’s no rule that says you must follow traditional looks when it comes to your wedding and engagement ring. Hence, the classic solitaire diamond piece is now slowly being replaced with contemporary diamond designs, such as one that comes with alternate baguettes and round diamonds, as the mainstream choice.

Baguette and round diamond sets work great with each other. Incorporating a combination of the two adds more character and uniqueness to the ring. This design can also complement almost any wedding band design, so you don’t have to worry about how it will turn out on your elegant finger. 

7. Heirloom Rings 

Heirloom rings will never go out of style because it is a beautiful and sustainable way to honor your mother or grandmother. Some grooms propose by giving their soon-to-be brides a beautiful diamond classic and timeless ring from their family, passed down along many generations. In cases where you want to recreate or modify the design, there’s an option to have it customized by a modern jeweler.

8. Colored Gemstones 

Engagement rings are trending with colored gemstones like emerald, ruby, and onyx; it’s no longer all about diamonds these days! An added touch of color to the stone is a beautiful way to make the ring reflect an individual’s personality. A good tip is to go for your birthstone when choosing what gemstone to wear.

9. Lab-Made Diamonds 

Lab-grown diamonds have been the top trend for engagement rings in recent years. Diamonds grown in a laboratory have the same physical characteristics, such as color, clarity, and sparkle as their naturally-occurring counterparts, but they are much cheaper. This is a great and cost-effective alternative for couples who want to splurge on other things than just the wedding bands.

10. Side Stoned Rings 

Famous influencers and celebrities have already made three-stone rings a trend. These side-stoned rings are minimalistic and perfect for petite fingers. This is another ring design that’s good for a modern woman.


There are so many beautiful modern wedding and engagement ring design ideas to choose from, like the ones enclosed in this guide. However, it’s essential to consider your style preference, personality, and priorities before deciding what rings to go for.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.