How to Increase Blood Flow to Stubborn Fat? A Complete Guide


Fat burning is highly associated with blood flow in the vessels; thus, it becomes important to reduce the stubborn fat to increase blood circulation there. When fat substances and cholesterol bind together, they create plaque, blocking the area’s blood vessels. As a result, blood flow decreases there, and the organs don’t get enough oxygen. So, it’s essential to increase blood circulation there.

So, this blog will let you know how to increase blood flow to stubborn fat in the most effective ways possible.

How to Increase Blood Flow to Stubborn Fat?

Here, this section will provide you with detailed information on the ways you can increase your blood flow to stubborn fat.

Light Therapy

If you’re suffering from less blood flow in a particular organ and need an immediate solution, you can go for light therapy. Light therapy can reduce a lot of fat from the vessels after 2-3 sessions. But you must ensure that you’re going through the acceptable light level, and the doctor prescribes the wavelength.

However, light therapy creates a great amount of heat inside the body which helps to melt the fat and reduces its stubbornness. Thus, the plaque gets light, and the blood flow increases there. This method is effective for getting rid of fat cells. Laser treatment can be the best option among light therapy if you’re looking for an immediate solution.

Electric Belts

It’s another shortcut to reducing body fat; if you want, you can use this method. However, you must connect the belt to electricity without turning it on. Next, you will wrap the belt around your body and turn it on. Thus, it seems quite relaxing because you can sit or lay after putting on the belt.

The belt will create frequency above your skin and heat under the skin. Thus, it helps to reduce body fat and increase blood flow through the area. This method is more effective if you target to reduce belly fat, but it consumes a lot of electricity. Moreover, there are some risks of short circuits, and that’s why some experts don’t suggest it.


Workouts are the best natural way to increase blood circulation in the whole body, and it is essential even if you’re not fat. However, you can have a whole body movement session to improve the blood flow in the whole body or focus on the vital organs as well.

For example, you may focus on hands and legs-based workouts if you have stubborn fats. On the contrary, you can focus on lower abdomen workouts after warm-up if you feel necessary.

Have a Low-Calorie Balanced Diet

It is high time you corrected your diet plan and eating habits to have a healthier body. If you reduce foods high in sodium, sugar, and saturated fats, you will have less risk of getting fat under your skin. Moreover, if you intake limited calories, that will eventually help you reduce body weight and increase the blood flow in all organs.

A balanced diet will surely contain plenty of fruits and vegetables with all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Much to your surprise, some trace elements contribute a lot to the blood flow. So, have your diet designed by a professional dietitian so that you can see the results in a short time.

Drink Plenty of Water

You all know that 90% of the total blood composition is water, and drinking water is necessary to keep the blood’s liquidity and flow normally. Now you may ask why anyone would ask you to drink only water when there are plenty of other tasty drinks around. The reason behind suggesting water is it’s the purest liquid and has no calories.

On the other hand, other beverages, including coffees, smoothies, or fruit juices, have added sugars and a great calorie value. Thus, people who want to maintain a healthy body weight cannot take these drinks frequently like water.

Have Fat Burner Supplements

Suppose all the above-mentioned methods didn’t work well in your case, and the doctor suggested some supplements. You can have those supplements or fat burners with prescribed liquid to burn the stubborn fat inside your body. Thus, the blood flow in your whole body will also increase. But please ensure that you take the prescribed supplements, not extra. Because extra fat burner intake will have side effects, you may get severely ill.

Bottom Line

If anyone asks how to increase blood flow in stubborn fat, you should say that it seems hard but easy to achieve. There are some long-term ways like workouts and diet. On the other hand, some short-term, instant actions can also help people with serious problems. Light therapy, especially laser therapy, is one of them. You can go for any method, but you must keep a healthy lifestyle to maintain your fitness.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.