The Evolution of Casino Fashion


Back in the day, people wore more than a hoodie and some jeans to the casino; it was an event to get dressed up for. People would spend a lot of money curating their outfits to wear at the casino, as the unwritten rule was the outfit you wore to the casino was more of a statement of your wealth than the money you gambled.


The Roaring 20s was considered a wild time for casino fashion – at least by today’s standards. For the men, the fashion was to wear suspenders, buttoned-up suits, and hats, whereas for the ladies, corsets with over shirts were the prominent fashion, with many ladies choosing to wear leather corsets. Hats were an essential accessory with many outfits as they were often used to partially hide the face of players who wanted to remain inconspicuous.


As we entered the 1930s, tuxedos started dominating the casino fashion world. Almost every man in the casino would be wearing a tuxedo, complete with a bow tie and a pocket square. The pocket squares had to be the opposite colour to your suit (black suits had white pocket squares and white suits had black pocket squares). For the ladies, long dresses were the in-thing, particularly in black and red. The wealthiest women would also wear matching gloves as a display of wealth.


During wartime, the stiff and formal outfits of the 1930s fell out of fashion. Men eschewed the bow ties for regular neckties, and while women were still wearing dresses, the style had somewhat changed. The dresses were still long but were often sleeveless and paired with hats and big earrings, making the outfits seem more relaxed and less formal than in the previous decade.


Sinatra dominated the 50s, and he, with many other celebrities, made Las Vegas the place to be. Everyone associated celebrities with glamour, so their association with the world’s gambling capital made people think of gambling as a glamorous activity. This led to more sophisticated fashion choices, such as black or white tie outfits for the men and elegant dresses for the ladies.


Even after Sinatra-mania had passed, men’s fashion didn’t change that much. The go-to outfit was still black and white suits or tuxedos with ties. However, the ladies moved away from the traditional reds, blacks, and whites and started to add more colour to their wardrobes. They also dialled back the jewellery on display, replacing fancy necklaces with simple chains and lockets.


For most people, the 70s is synonymous with the disco era, but sadly none of that technicolour vibe made its way into the casino fashion scene. For men, the traditional suits and tuxedos still reigned supreme, but for women, the introduction of a new piece became all the rage. Ladies started to wear furs to the casino and even planned their whole outfit around the piece, wearing complimenting or matching colours to enhance their overall look.


As we moved into the 80s, furs quickly fell out of fashion, so it was back to wearing dresses for the ladies, and suits continued to be the outfit of choice for men. However, one thing that changed considerably during this decade was the fabric. Silk suits became all the rage, particularly amongst the Italian community, and dresses were made from Spandex or Lycra, giving them an extra shine under the bright casino lights.


While the world of casino fashion is fascinating, it’s nice to know that you can play amazing games such as Immortal Romance, Wolf Fang, or Big Bass Splash from the comfort of your home without needing to dress to the nines!

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.