Reasons You Need Dental Checkups On A Regular Basis


You have likely heard visiting a dentist every six months is necessary for maintaining oral hygiene. However, not everyone follows this guidance. Yes, the cost for getting a dental checkup can be high or you may have dental anxiety, but these factors should not stop you from getting regular dental checkups. You may consider going to a dentist that specializes in sedation dentistry, such as Peak Family Dental Care in Sedona, AZ.

Additionally, you must keep in mind that if you keep on delaying your visit to the dentist, your oral hygiene may deteriorate over time. And when you finally get the treatment you need, you may have to spend a lot of money. Other reasons why you must see the dentist regularly are listed below.

1. Cavity Prevention and Plaque/Tartar Removal

Even if you carefully and religiously brush and floss your teeth, there are some areas where you cannot reach. As a result, plaque builds up there and can solidify and turn into tartar over time. Without visiting a dentist, getting rid of tartar is extremely difficult.

In case you are unaware, tartar build-up eventually leads to formation of cavities. This is why going for regular dental cleanings is necessary. Tartar creates holes and erodes your teeth, which causes cavities. You may not even realize you have a cavity in your tooth until it starts causing pain, which happens in a later stage. And if your tooth gets completely damaged, you may be required to get an implant, which is an expensive procedure.

2. Prevention of Gum Disease

Tartar and plaque buildup can go beyond causing tooth decay and can affect your gum tissues. This occurs when tartar buildup leads to an infection at the place where your gum is connected to your tooth, which will cause your gum to pull away from your tooth.

In medical terms, this condition is known as gingivitis and as gingivitis progresses, the tissue attaching gum to teeth breaks down. Eventually, the teeth may loosen and fall out. If you keep on delaying your visit to your dentist, the condition may be aggravated to a point where you might require surgery.

3. Detection of Oral Cancer

Cancer can be treated more successfully if it is detected in early stages. If you are a chain smoker, the chances of getting oral cancer increases significantly. Visiting a dentist ensures that the early signs of oral cancer do not go undetected. For example, the dentists at Peak Family Dental Care in Sedona, AZ are highly trained to recognize signs and symptoms of oral cancer.

If you regularly get your teeth checked, the chances of detecting oral cancer in its early stages increases, which, in turn, leads to better long term prognosis.


Regular visits to a dentist is important to prevent the above-mentioned conditions. Furthermore, a trained dentist will also check your neck, lymph, and jaw nodes along with your gums, tongue, and mouth. The dentist will look for any lumps, swelling, problems in jawbone, etc. in your visit as well. These lumps may not be painful and only an expert can detect them. This is why visiting a dentist every six months is necessary.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.