How to Find a Remote Job with a Flexible Schedule for a Student


Ways to work remotely

The very first thing that comes to mind is working remotely. A student does not need to sit in an office or workplace, or miss classes (if full-time), so this option is considered by many people. Students can better organize their time to make sure they do well in both work and study. Sometimes, they ask for help from a coursework writing service usa writers, so they always keep up with their academic performance. However, there are several ways to work remotely.

Remote full-time work

A student gets a full-time job with a company and is officially on staff. Receives a fixed rate or percentage, as prescribed in the contract. There is a supervisor and a constant flow of tasks. The only difference from a regular job is that you don’t need to be present in the office, so you can work remotely from a completely different city or even country.

Remote part-time work

It is assumed that the employee will perform project activities or work part-time. The project is a specific task for a certain period. For example, a person gets a job as a copywriter in an agency to write only travel-related materials, but such work is not permanent. Periodically, they receive technical tasks and implement them. They do not have to work an 8-hour workday.


This is another type of work that is popular not only among students. It means that the person does not have a permanent place of work, they are not tied to the city/country, which means they do not have a stable income. Their salary depends on the number of assignments they have completed during a particular month.

Where to start

Take a piece of paper and write down your characteristics and knowledge. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will help you compose your CV, find the right jobs, and explore areas you’ve never dealt with.

Essential skills for remote work:

  • ability to use a computer and various programs (Microsoft Office package);
  • ability to search for information and work with large amounts of it.

According to the researchers from the best writing services, the advantage will be knowledge of a foreign language, mastering Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Skype, and other special programs. They are necessary for the work of a designer, manager, and other high-paying professions.

Where to find a remote job

You can find a remote job on your own or the advice of acquaintances. You can analyze various sites with vacancies, choose the most suitable ones and send your CV. There are several ways to find a job.

Portals and aggregators for finding a remote job

An aggregator is a website that collects and groups together various jobs and tasks from other sites and freelance exchanges. It is very convenient: there is no need to monitor dozens of sites and search for jobs by yourself when the aggregators will do it for you.

Websites for freelancers

It is possible to find a job on such sites:

Indeed – an aggregator that provides vacancies from all over the world; contains reviews of various companies;

Idealist – service for job search of any kind;

JobisJob – vacancies exclusively from North and South America, Europe, Asia, and even Africa.

Similar services: Glassdoor, Monster, Dice, Mediabistro (media vacancies), Sapbazar (vacancies mainly for ERP consultants who are engaged in business process optimization).

Who can work remotely without experience

Not all employers want to cooperate with inexperienced people. Therefore, before applying for a remote job, you can try yourself as a freelancer. Below is a list of professions that even a beginner will be able to master.

Writing articles and translating texts

If you are a competent writer and did well with essays at school, then by all means try writing articles. Customers need materials on absolutely any subject. Knowledge of a foreign language will be an advantage, allowing you to translate texts. It pays a lot more than just writing texts.

To avoid looking for orders manually, you can register at the exchanges of copywriting and translation.

The main drawback is that you cannot contact the customer directly. The exchanger is an intermediary, so any contact information may cause account blocking. In addition, any exchange charges a percentage of the copywriter’s earnings.

Call Center Operator

There are often people online looking for call center operators and they hire anyone even without any experience. The worker is required to be friendly and communicative, you also need to have a headset. If at the interview you show that you speak intelligently and politely, you will undoubtedly be hired.

Online Store Administrator

What does the administration of the online store entail:

  • assisting the director in the organization of the work
  • maintaining the work of the website
  • answering questions from customers

Also, the administrator may be engaged in promotion and advertising, cooperating with designers, copywriters, and other professionals who help to bring the online store to the top.


This is one of the easiest directions. The person is engaged in transcription, i.e. translating audio and video content into text. Materials can be absolutely any size: from a few minutes to several hours. Difficulties can arise from a poor recording or audio clarity. In this case, it will take a long time to parse what was said and pick up missing lines by meaning.

Video dubbing

Dubbing videos can be done by people who have the right tone of voice and manner of speech. The person must master the voice, do the right intonation and speak as clearly as possible. If you haven’t studied at a theater college or have never done voiceover, it will be quite difficult to start without experience.

Web design

Another promising direction. But, not surprisingly, it will be impossible to work in this field without experience. A web designer deals with the development of websites and mobile interfaces. You need to know the basics of copywriting to write text, the basics of marketing to work with clients, and, of course, own a whole list of programs (Photoshop, Figma, WordPress).

Making money as a pedestrian courier through online services

This type of employment does not require education or additional skills, so will suit even schoolchildren. The employee needs to deliver parcels around the city. This can be food from catering establishments, documentation, and any other goods. The largest networks have foot couriers in their staff, and branches are located in different parts of the country.

Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant or assistant can do a completely multifaceted job. The main task is to help supervisors handle all tasks. Assistants usually have to work with documentation, keep track of the boss’s schedule, make appointments, and keep reports.

Entering captchas

The input of the captcha is one of the easiest ways to earn small money. Various services often ask you to enter a code from a picture to verify that you are a person and not a program. This intricate code of letters and numbers is called a captcha, and the money is paid just for deciphering it.

Writing reviews and comments

Many firms buy reviews for their products to build a good reputation for potential customers. Freelancers can make money on this.

Editing videos

Not only professional videographers, but also bloggers, and businessmen who are active on social networks (YouTube, TikTok, Instagram) need to edit videos. For such work, it is necessary to know the programs for editing: Sony Vegas Pro, Windows Live Movie Maker, etc.

What to be prepared for – some tips for remote workers

Working remotely or freelancing is not easy. It takes discipline to work from home rather than doing extraneous work. We want to give some advice to those who want to try this field:

Start the day at 8 a.m.: Imagine you’re going to a real job.

Make a calendar of work and write reports.

Take lunch breaks, but don’t eat at your desk.

Optimize your work environment so nothing distracts you.

Pros and cons of working remotely

The advantages of working remotely:

  • social guarantees (the employee is sure to receive a salary and work on pre-agreed terms, there are vacations and days off)
  • the availability of permanent work, which the employee receives from the supervisor, rather than looking for himself
  • a fixed salary

Disadvantages of working remotely:

  • not being able to choose tasks for yourself
  • compliance with corporate standards
  • the results of work are usually not the property of the employee
  • they cannot be added to a portfolio and presented as one’s own
  • lack of communication during the working day is equated to absenteeism

Freelancing has a different list of pros and cons. A freelancer sets their prices for their services and can choose which customer to work with. Usually, freelance services are many times cheaper than similar work from an officially registered company. At the same time, discipline and professionalism are important: there are many freelance workers on the market, but only specialists in their field are truly valued.

Choose the job you like and improve your skills every day.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.