Running A Beauty Salon Business: 5 Tips To Attract More Customers


Beauty salons can be a lucrative business, but if your sales are declining, you need to attract more patrons. If you want your business to grow you must allot some time to think of new ideas to implement to market your salon to potential new customers. There are many possible ways that you can try to get the word out about your business. But knowing which ones to use appropriately can help your salon business succeed. 

Every business needs a constant flow of new clients to thrive in this competitive industry, here are some ideas that you can carry through right away to entice new clients: 

1. Market To The Right Clients 

A mistake that salon owners usually make is promoting their business to everyone. Even though your services can benefit anyone, it’s best to match the kinds of services you offer to the right kind of clients. Make this client checklist as a guide:

  • Client persona that best fit for the type of services you offer 
  • Clients who value your experience in the industry 
  • Clients who live around your location 
  • Clients who are looking for the skills and expertise that your staff possess
  • Clients who benefit from your facilities 

Knowing your target market would make it easier for you to custom-fit your strategies and promotions to pique the interests of the right clients. For instance, offering this year’s best hair colors or mani-pedi discounted packages can surely attract new customers. By doing this, you’re not just increasing your chances of revenue but you’re also saving time and effort instead of hard-selling and targeting everyone. 

2. Use A Booking Plugin For Customer Convenience 

In this day and age, almost all businesses, even a beauty salon should have a website. The purpose of setting up a website is to expand your online reach, showcase the services that you offer, and increase traffic. It serves as a platform to highlight every promotion and activity that you want your followers to know.

Website builders can install plugins to give access to your clients to book online. You can also add the booking appointment button to the menu or place a WordPress appointment booking plugin on every page of your site. Moreover, you can also edit the plugin to display prominently on your webpage with a clear call to action.  

Then choose a scheduling software that site visitors can use to select the date and time to visit your salon.  

Online booking plugins help save time, minimize errors with the time and date details, and can also be used to upsell products that your salon is marketing. 

3. Introduce A Membership Program 

A membership program is one of the best ways to increase customer retention and increase monthly revenue. Memberships programs often include freebies or offer exclusive only to its members.

These programs really work wonders because customers feel special when they get rewards by continuously booking services or buying products. It also increases brand engagement and recognition, setting you apart from your competitors.  

You can start by setting up a membership program similar to how a gift card works wherein the customers can purchase a USD$1 value of services or products upfront. Some salons would also present various membership levels that customers can choose from depending on the inclusions.  

4. Look Through Your Social Media Account 

Social media is an effective channel for engaging and connecting with current and new customers. When you’re marketing your business, you’d want to leverage the traffic that social media websites can amass. Set up ads about your salon and feature your treatments and special promos. Create a community or business page where people can create content around your salon.  

If you have a social media account with a good number of followers, look through your threads and reach out to them if they haven’t booked an appointment yet. Engaging your followers politely and in a non-intrusive way can help you gain more customers. You can also use geotagging and trending hashtags so that more people can find you easily.  

5. Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Give your website more traffic by using SEO. Search engine optimization is a way for your website to rank higher and get into the top page results in search engines. Businesses thrive because they’re able to use SEO to their benefit.  

For example, there are over 200,000 searches made monthly for the words “hairdressers near me.” Using different variations of these keywords can help you rank well in some of the most popular search engines.  


There are steps you can take to keep your business alive and serve customers who believe in what you’re offering. Marketing both manually and digitally requires thorough market research to guide you to your target market. When you’re able to find what works for your business, hold on to it and improve gradually while still prioritizing your customer’s preferences. Remember, attracting new clients to your salon is all about you and how you treat your customers, and that’s what makes you stand out from the competition.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.