Five Things You Should Do in the Province of Noord-Brabant


A state or province in the Netherlands, Noord-Brabant is home to cities including Eindhoven, Den Bosch, and Breda. The province is home to almost 2.4 million people. Den Bosch, commonly known as s Hertogenbosch, is the capital of Noord-Brabant. It also has some of the most picturesque locations in the Netherlands, with museums and dunes right at the centre of the province.

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Things to do at the Noord-Brabant

Drive to local places

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Visit Efteling, Kaatsheuvel-

Efteling, a small natural park, has now expanded into a sizable fantasy theme park. When it first opened in 1952 with a playground and fantasy forest, it was beyond imagination for many that it would eventually grow as big as Disneyland. The park offers nearly 36 rides, including four water slides, while staying loyal to its roots by blending aspects of fairy tales and folklore into its attractions and entertainment.

Take your family on a journey through magical lands or the famed greenery and gardens of the park, and experience the thrill of roller coasters and other thrill attractions here.

Relish the local delicacies

The Noord Barant is also a province for food lovers. The cafes and restaurants serve exciting delicacies that are a must-try when visiting the place. Like you can enjoy an Italian ice cream at Sabor or an apple pie at Snoeperji Heintje.

Still, craving? Try the old-fashioned Dutch candies from Grave. You can hope for an amazing luncheon at Moeders, one of the cosiest restaurants providing the perfect vibe and meal.

Old Museums

When visiting the province, Graaf’s museum is one of the places you must visit. There are various locations for the Graaf’s Museum, but the Hampoor, the sole still-standing city gate in Grave is where most tourists go. The structure was constructed in 1688 and is precisely the same as it did then.

The Kazematten Museum, also known as The Casemates Museum, is another museum that is a component of the Graaf Museum. There are two casemates called Noord and Zuid to explore, and admittance costs a few euros.

Take a Boat Trip

If you are done with the road, you can enjoy some water tours too. A boat ride on the Bosch Binnendieze is highly recommended. Travel through the city’s centre through the boat while passing below old buildings and bridges. Even though you are in the middle of the city, the boat is silent and calm. Additionally, if you’re already in Hertogenbosch, be sure to check out other famous attractions like the Noordbrabants Museum, St. John’s Cathedral, or one of the city’s numerous fine dining establishments.

Written by Megan Taylor
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