Tips on Transitioning Your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall


With the kids back in school and Labor Day behind us, the fall season has officially arrived. Despite what the calendar says, though, there are always a few weeks where it doesn’t quite feel like fall. You may not feel ready to put away your sandals for the season, and aside from a few chilly evenings, it might not be cold enough yet to wrap up in your favorite hooded sweatshirt.

The transition period between summer and fall is often a bit awkward. As soon as Labor Day is past, stores are pushing their fall lines. But when you step out into your day to go shopping, it may still feel more like summer. Fall weather can also be a bit unpredictable, making it even more difficult to know how to dress. While this time can be quite challenging, though, it is possible to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall without sacrificing comfort or style. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Change Up Your Color Palette

Pastels and bright floral prints are perfect for summer. But for autumn, not so much. At this time of year, fashionistas draw inspiration from the shades of nature. Think fall leaves, farm fresh produce and pumpkin spice lattes. Ditch that summery floral blouse, and replace it with a top in a rich orange hue. Other colors that are great for fall include mustard, rust, dark green and eggplant. This year, red is the in hue in a huge way.

If prints are more your style, plaid is always a great look for fall. A plaid flannel shirt over a black or white t shirt is cozy enough for those chilly autumn mornings, and you can remove the outer layer when the afternoon temperature climbs. Plaids come in several different color combinations, and they are perfect for this time of year. If you want to add a bit more pop to your fall wardrobe, animal prints are huge this year. From the standard cheetah print to incredible tiger stripes and more, you can show off your wild side in a wide variety of styles that are perfect for fall 2018.

Add Layers

As briefly mentioned already, adding layers is a good way to get through those days that are chilly in the morning or evening but warmer in the afternoon. Layering is also a good way to keep wearing your summer favorites even though fall is upon us.

 Cardigans and dusters are fall must-haves. Whether you are looking for something warm to snuggle up in or a lightweight layer to help transition your summer styles to fall, there are options to suit any need. They also come in several fall-friendly colors, including black, charcoal, brown, eggplant and emerald. Pair one with your favorite tee, or slip it over a comfy summer dress. Ponchos and wraps work well for this, too.

To make your summery sundresses a bit more appropriate for fall, pair them with leggings or opaque tights in a darker color. In addition to helping you stay a bit warmer, the addition of a pair of dark leggings or tights evokes more of a feeling of fall than bare legs. Opaque tights can also be worn with your favorite short skirts and a pair of boots for a fall look that is about as classic as a trip to the local pumpkin patch. Layering shirts underneath your dresses also a great way to stay warm and winterize your look. Purchasing bulk t shirts in a variety of neutral colors is a great way to mix and match your styles.

Invest in an Awesome Jacket

If you are trying to transition from summer to fall on a budget, you probably don’t want to spend a lot of money on new clothes. One thing that is worth investing in, though, is a stylish jacket. The right jacket can completely transform your entire outfit, making even the most summery look appropriate for fall. It also, of course, will help you stay warm and toasty as the temperature starts to drop.

There are a lot of options to choose from, and if you aren’t careful, you could blow hundreds of dollars just on jackets. If you are on a limited budget, hold out for only one amazing jacket that stands out and goes well with all your summer clothes. Leather jackets, military-style cargo jackets, well-cut blazers and classic trench coats are all great options. Opt for one in a darker neutral color — like camel, charcoal or black — and you’ll have a single piece that’s capable of transforming your entire wardrobe.

Switch to Boots

The thought of putting your sandals away for the season may be a bit of a bummer, but picking up a great pair of boots will instantly buoy your mood. Boots are a fall staple that can help make your summer fashions more appropriate for cooler weather. A summer dress can easily be worn all the way through autumn when paired with the right pair of knee boots and a stylish leather jacket, and booties make jeans look way more fall-friendly than flip-flops. Just like a jacket, the right pair of boots can transform your entire look.

Ignore the Rules

“They” say you can’t wear white after Labor Day, you can’t wear open-toed shoes with tights and you can’t wear black with navy. But who are “they” anyway, and why do “they” have a right to tell you what you can and can’t wear? Fashion trends come and go, and each season, there is a whole new list of what is in and what’s out. Buying a brand-new wardrobe each season to keep up with the latest trends can get insanely expensive, and unless you work in the fashion industry, it probably isn’t necessary.

If pastel yellow is your absolute favorite color and wearing it makes you feel great — wear it. Love the look of a bright pair of tights with your open-toed booties? Go for it. Wear what makes you feel amazing, and don’t worry about what everyone else thinks. Confidence is one thing that never goes out of style regardless of the season, and it looks great on you!

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.