Trending Accessories and How to Style Them


How you dress should be a joy, whatever the budget you’re working with, and there’s no better way to bring the fun into fashion than accessorizing. Accessories punctuate an outfit and as every good fashionista knows, style is in the detail. The shapes, colours and silhouettes of your accessories are an expression of your personal style. They can transform an outfit and they can define a mood. There’s always room for another accessory in your wardrobe, so checkout these trending accessories and imagine the possibilities.

Chain belts

Chain belts are the perfect contrast to a flowy summer dress. This beautifully minimalist nickel free adjustable chain belt from Barbara Bui’s luxury ready-to-wear collection can be worn high or low waisted and features a carabiner closure.

Cross body bags

For starters, they are very practical: you’re hands free and your bag is secure, but come on, that’s not why we love cross body bags. We love them because they are a great style accessory, they draw the eye. Remember what we said about punctuating an outfit, well there’s no better exclamation mark than a stylish cross body bag. Imagine pairing this gorgeous green ‘taxi’ waist bag with one of your outfits. It’s designed to be worn above the waist and it features a zipped front opening, interior and back pockets and an adjustable shoulder strap. Pair this gem with a designer jacket and you’ve got a dramatic combo guaranteed to make an impact.

Silk Scarves

They’re a delight to wear, and if you thought scarves were just for winter, then think again. Scarves aren’t just for warmth, they can keep you cool too. They certainly look cool. This Barbara Bui Modal and Cashmere scarf is available in three paisley print colour combinations: khaki and saffron, khaki and black and a dramatic black and white. Clash soft and severe and pair this with a women’s leather jacket.

Statement earrings

There’s a particular sort of thrill to be had from wearing statement earrings. They are of course not for every occasion and certainly not for every outfit, but strategically deployed they’ll steal the show, and talking of show stealers, try these Barbara Bui beauties for size. Embrace your inner rhinestone cowboy with these 80% rhinestone, bracelet earrings, backed with nickel free metal. Pair these with a women’s suit set and you’re sure to be belle of the ball.

Chunky boots

Chunky boots are so on trend right now, you can barely make it down the street without seeing someone pairing the chunky boot with their outfit of the day. For something a little different why not checkout these Barbara Bui vegan ankle boots from the ready-to-wear luxury collection. These stretch sock boots are built on the solid foundations of a chunky, rubber notched sole. The visually striking feature of these boots is the dramatic contrast between the bulk of the double sole and the sheathed ankle, which runs up to mid calf. The square heel is detailed with a shiny metal plate.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.