How Does PEMF Wellness Technology Work?


The wellness journey, these days, is not limited to the confines of a healthy diet and exercise only but has gone far beyond. Wellness is an extensive regime that includes techniques from ancient to the latest. Nurturing your body in a way that resonates with its natural ecosystem is the best you can do for your body. This is when technologies like PEMF come in. What distinguishes PEMF from traditional treatment methods? The modality helps you establish a Mother Nature relationship with your body. For a clear understanding of the mechanism, know how PEMF wellness technology works. 

PEMF Wellness Technology

Most body issues arise due to an unhealthy diet, environmental pollutants, toxins, chemicals, and a sedentary lifestyle. Harmful electromagnetic waves emitting out of gadgets are a new entry on the list. How can you purify your body of these harmful agents? None other than your body cells can better take charge. The secret lies in just maintaining a certain charge. In simple words, your cell voltage determines your health. Cells’ inability to attain the perfect voltage results in poor health conditions. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy promotes restoration of optimal cell voltage through recharging their electrical gradient. For this, you need a PEMF device. The device delivers pulses of the magnetic field of adjustable frequency and intensity to the cells. It helps imbalanced cells achieve their desired charge.

What Happens When Cells Achieve Optimal Charge? 

As the term indicates, electromagnetic waves stimulate cells magnetically and electrically. When this happens, it induces a chain of physical and biochemical processes at the cellular level. These reactions enable the cells to function more efficiently.

●        PEMF tunes up your whole body. Each organ and every inch of the body is composed of billions of cells. Can you expect a healthy organ with unhealthy lazy cells? The pulsed waves restore charges in the distressed cells to speed up their recovery and function. The process involves a group of connective tissues, muscles, tendons, cartilage, intestines, nerves, and the brain. An improvement in the homeostasis of a significant number of cells results in better organ function and ultimately leads to improvement in whole body health. 

●        Cell membranes perform the crucial task of exchanging materials within the cells. The magnetic field helps the membrane open up when needed to allow the nutrients to enter the cells and eliminate cell wastes. Smooth transport of material ensures the best cellular working. 

●        The therapy improves blood circulation in and around the diseased tissues. With increased circulation, there is more oxygenation, and faster they recover. 

What Does Your Body Feel During A Session?

To most users, a PEMF session is a heavenly relaxation experience. Every pulse initiates a gentle and soothing stimulation that travels across your body. You might feel a mild contraction in muscles followed by lightheadedness and nausea in the beginning. Others might experience headaches or brain fog as detox symptoms. The feelings usually vanish as your body gets accustomed to electromagnetic exposure. Make sure that you hydrate your body properly and start with lower intensity. 

The after-session impacts include natural recovery, overall body relaxation, and elevated energy levels.

On the other hand, some patients might not notice any positive change after the first few sessions. Keep in mind that the modality never guarantees a 100% cure to ailments. You can incorporate it into your wellness routine to stimulate your body’s natural potential to fight illnesses.   

What to Expect From Technology?

Electromagnetic radiations act as cell workouts. The more you do it regularly, the more beneficial it turns out. Be consistent for long-lasting results. No disease can heal unless you address the underlying body condition.

Pulsed-field technology offers multiple settings to provide relief in general to specific symptoms. Consult your chiropractor to recommend a session with suitable adjustments. In broader terms, electromagnetic radiation is effective for 

●        Pain management

●        Enhancing bone health

●        Treating inflammation

●        Treating depression

●        Post-surgery pain and edema 

●        Muscle relaxation

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The cutting-edge PEMF wellness technology enhances cellular communication. Thus, helps recover the lost function of damaged cells and organs. The electrical stimulation helps generate nerve pathways to improve the body’s metabolism and energy production naturally.

Written by Megan Taylor
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