Top Beautiful & Simple Hairstyles for College Girls


Most college girls want to make a good first impression at school. Unfortunately, at that age it all goes down to what you wear and how you style yourself. There are many simple hairstyles for college girls. Many films have served as guides to what girls in college are expected to wear and look like, but forget the stereotype created in these movies; this is a real guide to some of the simple hairstyles for college girls.

Now let us look at some of the cool college hairstyles.

1.  Braided Cute College Coif


If you want to look bold and just elegant, this is your style. It goes absolutely well with dark and bold makeup as well. This simple and nice hairstyle for college girls is a perfect combination of comfort and elegance. It is not messy, and it gives you a stylish look. What kind of fashion goes with this easy hairstyle?

  • Matching Dress: a party dress, baby gown
  • Suitable face look: dark and bold makeup

2.  Adorable Ponytail


This is one of the cute hairstyles out there. It is not quite easy, so you might require professional styling. It often looks a mess, but it also is sleek, chic, and sexy. Braids are made from the side, and a section is left where the extension is made.

A puff is also made from the side part to create a casual feeling. It is not time-consuming comparing to other hairstyles.

  • Season to try: summer
  • Apparels to go with: flower dresses, simple gowns
  • Suitable head shape: diamond and oval-shaped faces

3.  The Wolf Cut


This cut is a mix of a classic shag and a mullet. If you want a lot of elements and movement, this is a wonderful cut for you. On frizzy or curly tresses, use a diffuser to generate choppy layers or use a heating tool to create waves on straighter tresses.

4.  Loose Braid Medium


This is by far the simplest style for every college girl. If you have a broad forehead, this will fit you so well. The strand is tied in a casual manner in a sort of fishtail braid and tucked to the side. This has become a favorite hairdo as it is stylish and trendy.

  • What to wear with: formal wear will go well with this style, and a casual hippie dress would go as well.
  • Type of makeup: nude makeup, red lipstick

5.  Layered Side-Swept Bangs


This is one of the best hairstyles to rock during your college days. You need a haircut with fringe in the front, in a short and layered manner. You can make it more sophisticated by allowing small hair to fall on your forehead.

This type of hair is great with casual wear such as jeans or other pants.

6.  Modern Rachel Cut


The modern Rachel cut is a softer, lengthier variant of the classic Rachel cut from the 1990s Friends series. The facial layers are still rounded but a little longer and less choppy. For a warm beach chick vibe, get some golden beige blonde highlights.

7.  Side French Braid


If you want to let your hair down just to flow without feeling untidy and without having to maintain it too much, you would love this. You can add this to a list of party hair. Those who are oval-faced would enjoy this style. You just need some hairspray that would hold your hair wavy to maintain the curls. This is fine for all seasons; you will look hot and can rock this all day.

8.  Back Braid with a Bun


If you feel you want something effortless and pretty, this style is for you. It goes well in every situation and season. Flip your head upside down. Brush your hair thoroughly, facing upwards. Now create a braid and split it into enclosures at the nape of your neck; place the braid in three pieces. Create a french braid, cross the right strand to the middle and then cross the left to the middle. If you have long hair, tie it up and pull it to the middle.

9.  High Ponytail


High pony has no alternative, and it is dapper and elegant. Medium-length hair has it easiest with this coiffure. You need to create a neat long ponytail; position it above the near crown. Pleat it tight and use adjustable pins to secure it. You can rock this in the summer and can also wear it to parties and so.

10.  Bandana Wrap


Do you want to go cool and trendy? You just have to create a trim and band it with your cool bandana, and you’ll look like a queen. Improve the effect by using a colorful bandana; it can be a long one to cover all of your hair. This will give you a gen-z vibe as well.


There are many styles one can try out and look pretty. If you have straight, long or short hair, you will find something for you, it can be edgy, or you can settle for a bob.

College is the perfect place to show your personality, it goes beyond the class work at times. How you present yourself is very important, this starts from your clothes as much as your coiffure. You have to braid in accordance with the season and accordance with the occasion. You must know your head shape and consider it when picking a hairstyle.

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