4 Tips To Pull Off The Ultimate Boho Chic Look


One of the most popular forms of vintage wears that continues to stand the test of time is boho chic. This style is still synonymous with the music festivals that took place during the bohemian and hippie movements of the 60s and 70s. 

In this modern era, the boho trend has evolved into a summer staple where fans of the fashion shop in thrift stores to find unique vintage items to wear. Many also take the DIY route to create their own designs. Whichever you choose, there is always a way you can incorporate this nature-loving style into your everyday look. 

Here are four tips to help you pull off the ultimate boho-chic look: 

1. Put On The Staple Jewelry And Accessories

This is where the bohemian style truly stands out from other fashion styles. It’s all about putting on as much jewelry and accessories as you can, and the bigger and over-the-top they are, the better. You can start with silver jewelry such as cuff bracelets, shell rings, coin pendants, and drop earrings. An added bonus is if they have large teal jewels and gems embedded in silver. To get the boho look, stack your rings and bracelets until they cover your fingers and wrists. Necklaces have a statement gem as a centerpiece if it’s a hanging piece.  

As for the accessories, you can put on a fedora hat or cowboy hat, tie, or paisley printed scarf around your neck for a country western-inspired boho style. Furthermore, slouchy weekender bags made from brown leather are perfect to complement your long-hanging ensemble. Then there’s the braided belts or ones made with leather and fastened with a large pendant buckle. Headbands with floral details or lace patterns are a popular modern choice. Try and incorporate as many accessories with tassels and fringing hanging off it too.

2. Layer Your Outfit 

A boho-chic look wouldn’t be complete without all the extra layers of clothing to make you look like an avid nature lover. The way to approach layering is, to begin with your primary outfit, whether it’s a maxi dress, denim shorts, or skirt paired with a flowy blouse. From here, you can add denim, a leather waistcoat, or a printed overcoat and shawl. 

Sheer and cotton knitted overlays are also a favored choice to layer, especially if you’re wearing a bikini top underneath. Just be sure that whichever coat or overlay you choose is buttonless and is easy enough to throw over yourself. Then when you add handbags to your layered look. Boho fashionistas prefer handmade embroidered sling totes made from natural fabrics. Some may also be made from recycled plastic and basket-woven-designed bags.  

3. Incorporate Boho Prints And Style 

Prints are the hallmark of boho chic that defines most of the style’s aesthetic. Think of paisley prints over the full garment or in sections around the collar and sleeves. The patterns can be florals, vectors, mandala flowers, and interesting geometric shapes. As an alternative to the prints, you can opt for knitted and crocheted textures in earthy tones. 

When it comes to the clothing style, you should aim for long and drapey garment pieces. These can be flared out and billowing maxi dresses and maxi skirts, high-waisted denim jeans including shorts and floor-length overcoats, and baggy pants. Shirts and blouses should have wide bell sleeves or short puffer sleeves. A popular sizing choice for boho style is to go oversized to make clothing look like they’re casually hanging off your body. However, if you prefer more fitted tailoring, you can wear a printed bodycon dress or cinch your outfit at the waist with a belt.

4. Finish Off Your Look With A Retro Footwear 

The shoes worn within the bohemian style are diverse, but they mostly entail retro shoes. These can be either platform or flat sandals with jeweled and tasseled straps. They are a throwback to the original boho music and arts scene of the 70s. A modern alternative is gladiator sandals with straps that end just below your knees. Many of these have fun and colorful embroidered patterns and pompoms hanging from them. 

In addition to this, you can choose brown leather cowboy or fry boots that end at ankle level. Knee-high boots should ideally have a worn-out and distressed appearance and preferably be a vintage pair. If you want to bring the DIY element to your boots, you can attach beads, garlands, and leather bracelets to the top collar. For a more glam boho look, you can pair your outfit with woven wedge heels in sandy and tan colors. 


To pull off the boho-chic style, you need to combine several elements of vintage 70s casualwear with a modern twist. Choose maxi-designed clothing and pair it with brown leather accessories piled on silver coin jewelry. The more tassels and hanging décor it has, the closer you’ll be to nailing this trend. All of your garment pieces should be in earthy tones that have a vintage feel. Once you do this, your boho-chic look is ready to hit the nearest festival and local fair.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.