5 Ways To Get The Best Deals On Engagement Rings Online


Tying the knot with your partner has to be one of the most magical moments in your relationship as you’re finally ready to take it to the next level. But before you proceed with planning the wedding, you must first get down on one knee and profess your love to them and hopefully accept your proposal.  

As you get down on one knee, it’s pretty standard to take out an engagement ring to show to your future fiancé. However, engagement rings can be expensive, and looking for the cheapest yet stunning ring would help you with your expenses while ensuring that you have the perfect ring. Moreover, listed below are some ways to get the best deals on engagement rings online: 

Use A Different Stone 

When people hear the word ‘engagement ring,’ the first thing that comes to their mind is a diamond ring. While they’re the most popular stone on an engagement ring, they can be expensive, which might hurt your pocket. To save on costs while still allowing yourself to have a traditional-looking ring, you might want to consider using a different stone instead. 

There are different types of stones that you can choose from for your engagement ring. Apart from the traditional diamond, you might want to buy moissanite engagement rings online as this type of stone looks similar to a diamond ring at a reduced price. You’ll only notice their difference once you get a closer look at them, making them a great alternative to diamonds. Alternatively, you can use a birthstone for a unique touch like no other.

Consider A Smaller Carat 

One of the major factors for an engagement ring’s price is the size of the diamond. The bigger the rock, the more expensive your engagement ring would be. The size of the diamond is more popular as a ‘carat.’ Therefore, you’d probably notice the carat size to determine how small or large a diamond is. To help you save on the prices and get the best deals, you might want to consider getting a smaller carat for a lower price.

A standard engagement ring ranges from 0.5ct to 1.5ct. If you’d like to save on costs, you might want to consider getting a smaller carat between those ranges, so you could still have a decent-looking ring. However, if you feel that it’s too small, you might want to consider having a halo design, wherein you’ll surround your main stone with smaller stones giving an illusion of a bigger ring.

Purchase Estate Rings 

Purchasing a head-turner ring might burn your pockets, especially since they can cost thousands of dollars. To help you achieve a perfect show-stopper ring, you might consider purchasing estate or vintage rings for your future fiancé. This way, you can allow yourself to have an amazing ring without spending too much. It’ll be a great deal that you’ll surely appreciate.  

There are plenty of online estate rings that you can find nowadays. All you have to do is browse their online catalog and check out their designs. Moreover, you should confirm if they can resize their existing ring, especially if their display is larger or smaller for your fiancé’s hand. With an estate ring, you can save significantly and allow yourself to have a unique-looking ring.

Check For On-Hand Items 

Most engagement rings are usually made-to-order, especially since making one would take days to weeks, requiring a keen eye and steady craftsmanship. However, there might be instances wherein a person wouldn’t proceed with purchasing the ring right after the jeweler had just finished making them. To prevent having an income loss, they’ll proceed with selling them online for a lower price, and this is where you come in.  

You should wait for various jewelry stores to post any on-hand items for a discounted price to save on engagement ring costs. You may even send them a message and see if they have some at the back of their store that you’d be willing to purchase. This will help you have a cheaper ring but of the same quality.

Wait For Sales And Promos 

The best and most obvious way to get the best deals on engagement rings online is to wait for sales and promos. In most cases, a jewelry store would hold out a month-long sale so they could attract more people to purchase from their store as the season of getting engaged is getting nearer. You can usually see sales and promotions a month before Valentine’s, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. If you plan on proposing ‘til later, you might want to wait for their deals and promos.

As you wait for sales and promotions, you might want to look for inspirations online so you can browse quickly into their catalog of sale items. Moreover, some might offer a discount for wedding rings right after purchasing your engagement ring. It’ll be a great bang for the buck, as you’ll need to buy one as you plan for the wedding.  


Looking for the cheapest yet most beautiful ring online can be challenging, but if you’re willing to compromise and switch to traditional ring ideas, there are plenty of ways you can cut costs. Alternatively, waiting for sales and promotions would never hurt!

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.