How to Choose a Timeless Engagement Ring, Fashion, and Popular Styles


Jewelry collections offer future newlyweds a variety of stylish engagement rings — from classic gold with a single diamond to modern models in platinum, encrusted with colored stones, and unusual models with asymmetric designs. Let’s dive into how to choose an engagement ring according to fashion trends and practical tips.

Briefly about Classic

Traditionally, it’s recommended to choose jewelry with gems (one or more) while the item itself must be made of noble metal — gold, platinum, or silver. Despite the quality and beauty of modern artificial materials, stylish engagement rings need to contain a natural diamond. It’s also good to choose a ring that will combine well with a wedding ring — the materials & design should be in full accordance. 

Essential Fashion Trends of 2022

Fashion offers a means of moving away from the usual classics and taking a closer look at rings containing stones carved in an unorthodox shape, models with unusual details, jewelry made in micro-pavé technique, etc. So, the general trend engagement rings are showing include:

  • items with precious stones in pear, baguette, and oval cuts;
  • “halo” items, with the central diamond surrounded by small shiny crystals;
  •  jewelry with colored minerals that act as a bright accent in the design;
  • products made of white gold and platinum, which successfully harmonize with any stones;
  • items made in micro-pavé technique, decorated with a mass of small crystals that look like a single gem.

In addition, rings with double metal stripes, asymmetric elements, and engravings of important words/dates inside them are quite popular as well. On the 7 Bridges Jewelry store`s website, you can find a huge number of different ring models ideal for an engagement — the assortment contains both classic products with traditional designs and modern items in line with the latest fashion trends.

Which Gems Are the Perfect Selection?

As a rule, most engagement rings with a classic style have one large, round-cut diamond as the main stone. However, this is not the only choice, as such an item can contain literally any gem that the newlyweds like. Let’s look at the possible options:

1. Diamond is the #1 traditional choice. This is a win-win option since the stone is combined with many materials, including gold, silver, platinum, and different varieties of them. This shining diamond in jewelry signals sincere devotion, love, and pure intentions.

2. Topaz is the second most popular stone, ranging in color from clear and golden to pale blue, purple-red, and pink. This semi-precious mineral looks perfect in white, gold, and platinum. Topaz attracts good luck and strengthens self-confidence.

3. Sapphire is a kind of corundum (blue-colored mineral). This stone is considered a classic option along with diamonds, most often used in silver and platinum rings. Sapphires are able to attract wealth, harmony, fidelity, and happiness to a young family.

4. Emerald is not the most popular stone for an engagement ring, but it would also look great in this type of jewelry. Best of all, this gem is easy on the eyes in a gold frame. It promotes peace of mind, emotional balance, and will help future spouses find compromises.

5. Ruby is a luxurious gem, most often produced in yellow gold rings. Typically, such an item is released with only one stone, because according to signs, this gem does not like “neighbors”. Rubies symbolize passionate, long-lasting love; they do not let the feelings between the newlyweds fade away.

Note that black and dark stones, pearls, and opals are not suitable for modern-style engagement rings. Furthermore, there exists an opinion that jewelry with minute diamond pieces is also undesirable — as they are associated with broken love and relationships.

Advice for Choosing a Timeless Engagement Ring

After surveying the fashion trends, traditions, and classic options, there are some more tips for choosing an engagement ring worth remembering to ensure it is timeless and delightful. So, when choosing an item in the catalog, remember these bits of advice:

  • stick to your usual style — if you usually wear platinum or white gold, choose one of those metals;
  • do not pay 100% of your attention to trends — fashion changes, but the item will remain with you for many years;
  • the simpler the design, the less likely it is that the item will bother you within a couple of months;
  • think about practicality — the engagement ring needs to be strong to a certain extent, so avoid thin strips of metal.

Finally, invest in the stone, not in the frame (it is always easier and cheaper to rearrange a stone in a new setting than to buy and match a new stone with an old frame). We hope all of these recommendations were useful. Choose your ring wisely!

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.