How To Style Your Hair At Home


We all want to look and feel our best, so having healthy, well-styled hair is crucial. It’s vital to your overall well-being as a huge confidence booster, and with proper care at home, it’s possible to have healthy, vibrant hair at all times without the expense of visiting a salon multiple times a week. 

1. Quality Coloring Kits

Coloring your hair at home is significantly cheaper than getting dyed at the salon. It’s also more convenient as it can be done at any time while completing other tasks as the dye develops. Quality coloring kits like the Madison Reed reviewed by BrandRated are key to looking like you’ve been to the salon. They last throughout regular washing, sun exposure, and regular hot tool usage to keep your hair vibrantly colored, healthy, and shiny.

Using a low-quality hair coloring kit can significantly damage your hair long-term with harsh chemicals. There is the risk of your hair being weakened and dried out. Therefore, it is important to select tried and tested popular brands of hair dye to ensure the best, salon-worthy result. 

2. Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a spray-on product that absorbs dirt, oil, and grease from your hair and scalp. It’ll keep your hair looking clean and fresh without needing a wash, but it isn’t a full-time replacement for washing your hair.

Using it between washes can prevent you from overwashing your hair, so many people use dry shampoos to freshen up after workouts, in humid weather, in between busy days, or extend the life of their styled look.

3. Quality Brushes

Using the correct brushes for your hair can greatly improve your styling and prevent hair breakage. Use a wooden paddle brush for everyday grooming, which helps undo knots and tangles. Avoid metal brushes that retain heat when styling with a hot tool so as not to burn and dry your hair.

Brush options are available depending on your hair texture, too. A mixed bristle brush of boar and nylon bristles works best on medium to thick hair. This helps spread your natural hair oils and create a healthy shine. Meanwhile, brushes with natural boar bristles are best for finer hair. These brushes help smooth your hair without any pulling or tugging that can cause breakage. 

4. Salt Spray

A homemade salt spray can quickly and easily add texture to your hair with an undetectable appearance. It opens up the hair cuticle and plumps the hair strands without needing to use multiple products. Essentially, it’s a lightweight texturizing spray made by combining a teaspoon of salt with water in a spray bottle and spritzing it onto damp hair.

For finer hair, salt spray makes your hair look thicker and provides a foundation to style your hair so it won’t fall flat during the day. For thicker hair, it helps define curls and reduces frizz. Overall, it doesn’t weigh down your hair or create a greasy look but instead creates a soft, tousled, beachy-style appearance.

5. Flat Iron Curls

A flat iron is mainly used to straighten and smooth hair, but you can also use it to create beautiful curls without prolonged heat on your hair, which can lead cause brittleness and dryness. It also allows you to style different-sized curls instead of the limited tight curls created by a curling iron.

The first step on using it is to grab a small section of hair and place it in your flat iron held vertically. As you clamp down on the hair, rotate the flat iron away from your face. Keep the motion fluid to avoid any kinks and creases, and allow your hair to slide through the clamp until the end slowly. This produces more natural and looser curls than a curling wand. 

6. Fill In Your Hairline

Many people struggle with hair loss, so filling in your hairline with eye shadow or hair color spray can make your hair look significantly thicker. Use an eye shadow shade that matches your hair color and a makeup brush to shade in the areas of your scalp or uneven hairline to create an illusion of more hair.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.