Valentine’s Day Musts for Your Hair From Hair Texturizer to Styling Techniques


As January comes to a close, there’s a certain holiday that might make you want to dress up, style your hair, and look your best. That’s right—it’s Valentine’s Day. This holiday is all about love, so it only makes sense for you to make an effort to love the way your hair looks on this special occasion.

When your hair looks fabulous, it can help you feel more confident, not only in your appearance but in making Valentine’s Day a success. You can have a successful outing with a long-time partner, a great first date, or a slam-dunk hangout with long-time friends. No matter what you’re doing, ensure your hair looks flawless all day with these style essentials, including heat protectants, hair texturizer, and more.

The Importance of Great Hair on Valentine’s Day

Confidence is a big deal on any day of the year, but Valentine’s Day means you need confidence all over. You could go to a hairstylist and just make sure they use quality products or pick up your own to do your hair at home. When you have high-performance formulas that allow you to be the master of your own hair, you can show your locks and yourself a whole lot of love, care, and attention. 

The Must-Have Products for Valentine’s Day Success

You might already have these must-have products for Valentine’s Day in your hair care arsenal. Either way, it’s important to know about the formulas, products, and tools that can help you fall in love with your hair.

Shampoo and Conditioner Solid Relationships Are Built On

Whether you shampoo your hair the day before or the day of, you must have a solid relationship with your shampoo and conditioner. Understand what your shampoo and conditioner are formulated to help your hair achieve so that you can make the most of your products and the style you wish to accomplish. There are shampoos and conditioners for curly and straight hair to help it look stunning and sleek, but you can’t forget about specialty products for specialty hair colors.

Extra Support for Bright Blonde Locks

Blondes need to give their hair a little extra attention to maintain a beautiful, bright tone. That means finding shampoo and conditioner options that are color-safe and specifically made for natural and bottled blondes. If you’re a blonde who wants to support bright locks, look for a toning purple shampoo to use once a week and a non-toning daily purple shampoo and purple conditioner for the days in between. Now say hello to the blonde hair you’ll adore.

Lovable Hair Protectant to Show Your Hair You Care

After making sure your hair looks and feels clean and cared for, you have to keep up the good work with some lovable hair care products to help your hair feel protected. If you don’t have hair oil or a hair detangler with UV and thermal protection, find some before any special occasion like Valentine’s Day. These are essential if you plan to heat-style your hair. You’ll find many protecting formulas to choose amongst, from hair detangler to moisture cream for curls, but sometimes simple can be best before a holiday. If you love a good cream for your curls, go for it. If you can’t comb your hair without a hair detangler, stick with that. Just make sure they offer UV and thermal protection and have what it takes to help your hair feel stronger.

Trustworthy Tools So You’re Never Late for a Hot Date

When you’ve finished working that lovable protectant into your locks, it’s time to start styling. Often the first part of styling involves tools like hairdryers, curling irons, or flat irons, among other options. You applied that UV and thermal protectant, so your hair should be safe from any dull look heat styling could impart. You may want to blow-dry or heat-style your hair before a special occasion because you plan to use finishing products that cannot be used on wet hair—and nobody has time to wait for hair to dry when you have a date waiting. Plus, who could go without finishing products like hair texturizer?

Styling Staples Like Hair Texturizer for Romantic Moves

If you blow-dry your hair or put in a few curls or waves, complete your look with a finishing product. Using something like a texturizing spray hair can achieve weightless volume and fullness. This product is one you would want to use on dry hair. The best have about a medium hold that is a little flexible, so you can work with your hair, toss it around, and give it that swoon-worthy swish. Alternatively, you can keep your hair in place with a finishing product like hair spray. Hair spray is super versatile and perfect for many looks with options from light to extra-strong holds.

The Perfect Styles to Make Valentine’s Day Memorable

Now that you know what kinds of high-quality formulas and techniques you need for a memorable Valentine’s Day look, you can decide what hairstyle you want to go for. Then comes the really fun part—assembling your look for the holiday of love.

A Dreamy Texturized Ponytail

Ponytails are classic for casual and elegant outings. You can dress them up or down, but for Valentine’s Day, a texturized ponytail takes a spot on a pedestal. Curl your hair first, pull it back into a sleek ponytail, and apply either hair spray or styling cream to keep flyaways in check. Then, spray hair texturizer in the ponytail and scrunch, puff, and work it through your hair till you achieve the weightless volume you desire.

The Romantic Messy Bun

A messy bun gives you a more tousled and easygoing style, but that doesn’t mean it requires less effort to master a perfectly imperfect messy bun. Liberally spray hair texturizer onto dry hair and work it through your locks, delivering buildable volume and adding more if needed. Then swoop your hair up, pull it halfway through a hair tie, twist the rubber band, and pull your hair through that side as well. There are many ways to achieve a messy bun, so you don’t have to use that technique if another works for you.

Flawlessly Charming Blonde Curls

You can also try some classic and beautiful curls. This is a gorgeous look for blondes, brondes, and brunettes. Apply your go-to heat protectant like argan oil, or find a product that caters specifically to your hair tone, like an argan oil formulated for blonde locks. Make sure your hair is totally dry, and then use a curling iron or flat iron to achieve curls or even smooth waves. Next, rub one or two drops of oil between your hands and lightly sweep it over your hair to prevent flyaways. Spray your curls with a medium-hold hair spray. This timeless look is always a stunner.

Tending to Your Hair After Your Valentine’s Day Plans

At the end of the evening, don’t forget to treat your hair to a few moments of extra attention. This care ensures you don’t end up with brittle, dry, or dull-looking hair the next day. You can either rinse out your products or use a conditioning formula like a hair detangler to work through any snaggles and help your hair feel nourished and strong before bed. If you do wash your hair, consider using a hair mask for some extra TLC on love day.

When you’re getting ready for Valentine’s Day or any other occasion, give your hair some special attention. You might decide to pick up some new, hairstylist-approved products like a hair texturizer or use staples such as a weekly toning purple shampoo and non-toning daily purple conditioner (if you’re blonde, of course). There are so many ways to set the day apart from any other by styling your hair. You can feel attractive, powerful, and totally in love with your own sense of style. That’s the beauty of fabulous hair care—it’s something to swoon over.

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Written by Megan Taylor
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