How to Stay Gorgeous at College: 6 Best Beauty Tips for Students


A college newbie does not have to be a beauty school student to know the most essential beauty tips. In fact, the most effective beauty tips are the simplest. Be it a glass of water or a good moisturizer, these tiny changes bring miracles in the long run. Cherry on top – you do not need tons of money to look gorgeous. So, wake up your sleeping beauty and check for more advice below. 

Run From Stressful Things

All these thoughts like ‘How can I get my paper done in time?’ are overwhelmingly stressful. Certainly, you can hire a professional academic writer. Or rearrange your routine to battle stress in a wave of the hand. 

  • Balanced eating. If the first association to the word ‘green’ is ‘marmalade’ instead of ‘apple,’ you have got a tiny problem. Unless you substitute cakes and candies with fruit, no best beauty tips will help your body look amazing.  It doesn’t mean being extremely thin or muscular but healthy. Keeping your body healthy means balancing carbs, protein, and fats adequately. Next time your sweet tooth strikes, try eating an orange or bitter dark chocolate.
  • Run, honey, run. The best way to lower the cortisol level is by doing sports. Even a half-an-hour stretching session will add peace and make your head light. 
  • Sleeping beauty. As trivial as it sounds, we all need some beauty sleep. Aim for 8 hours in general and 9 hours during the most stressful exam weeks.

Water is Your Savior

As a kid, you were told that your body is 70% water. Yes, pure water. So, to let your skin and other body organs function properly, drink up to 2 liters of fresh water daily. When hydrated, your body gets more oxygen. Hydration makes your skin plump and glowing. Don’t stress out: staying hydrated is a piece of cake. 

  • SPF and UPF sunscreens. These magic ingredients in your cream or foundation do not allow the dangerous sun rays to damage your skin cells. All credible resources for students like TEDTalk and EssayPro review will tell you that sunscreen decreases skin cancer risk. Also, SPF and UPF filters save the collagen your skin produced the night before.
  • A bottle a day keeps a doctor away. Drink enough water. Buy a bottle with an original and catchy design and take it everywhere you go. 
  • Wear hats and caps in summer. The rest of your body needs as much protection as your face. Check some latest-fashion clothes and add a pair of sunglasses to your casual ‘hat look.’
  • Buy a good facial moisturizer. A great moisturizer is not expensive but suits your skin type.

Staying Clean 

Remember your mom’s advice to wipe all the dirt away before you go to sleep? Ironically, one of the best beauty tips came from your mom. Staying clean means less germs and viruses to damage your skin and cause irritation. Other things to do are: 

  • Find a good shampoo. A cleaning product that fits your hair type will give your hair a shiny and healthy salon look. Also, no scalp irritation hence dandruff to ruin your favorite dark shirt.
  • Find a good facial cleanser. A suitable cleansing product will keep the blemishes away and unclog the pores.
  • Wipe your make-up away. A golden rule of the beauty industry: healthy skin is clean skin. If you study entrepreneurship and want to open a salon one day, remember this rule. Believe us, you will get more thankful clients if you teach them skin hygiene. 

Alcohol and Smoking Did No Good

Yes, a little party never hurts anybody. But once you count all the parties you went to, and the glasses of wine you drank, bad habits like smoking seem not that harmless. 

  • When less is better. Alcohol decreases collagen production and dehydrates your skin. If you want to keep this youthful look, stay away from alcohol. Instead, try drinking cola or juice once you feel the need for a party drink. 
  • When freedom is bad. Ever heard of free radicals? Well, these freedom-loving molecules cause oxidative stress. Like your other body organs, your skin ‘suffocates.’ In response, it produces pigmentation and blemishes. The more radicals your skin has to fight, the more sagging and old it looks. 
  • Oh, these stressful times. No need to say that both smoking and alcohol consumption make cortisol levels rise up. Remember why cortisol is bad? Yes, more stress and less collagen – not the greatest combination. 

No-Split Hair

Beauty is in the eye of a beholder. However, we easily spot overstressed people. Blame it on the hair. When you are overstressed, your hair starts looking dull and straw-like. All in all, it tells others that you are going through tough times. No shame in that. 

Once you overcome the bad period, visit your hairstylist in time to avoid split ends. Also, use fewer chemicals if your hair is still recovering from stress. Wash your hair with a shampoo that suits your hair type. We told you, the best beauty tips are as easy as they sound!

Learn Decorative Cosmetics Tricks

Using decorative cosmetics is optional. But if you love wearing makeup each day, check some educational platforms for students to learn a few makeup tutorials. For instance, courses on SkillShare are less than half an hour. This means you can learn basic makeup in one evening or even less! 

For better results, follow the three best beauty tips: 

  • Study color palette. Each person has special color hues which make them shine. 
  • Again, skin types. Obviously, dry-skin foundation will clog the pores if your skin is oily.
  • Learn quality. There are tons of mass-market brands. Learn how to choose good product ingredients. You don’t want to irritate your skin, right?

Final Thoughts

Don’t let the Kardashians fool you! You are beautiful the way you are – no need for plastic surgery. Just follow a few tips to let your natural beauty shine. Stay hydrated, do sports, drink plenty of water, and quit smoking if it’s possible. We hope our article helped you define your beauty routine. Stay healthy!

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.