Electrify Your Home with Neon Signs


Do you feel at your best when you walk down the streets of major cities, at night, with neon lights flashing all around? Then maybe you need to bring that energy home with you. Not only is it possible, but you can also customize it, just the way you want. Here is how to light the walls of your rooms in bright colours.

Living in a World filled with Light of Your Own Design

Home is definitely the place where we can feel entirely ourselves. Some people will always prefer to follow design standards and go with colours that are in fashion, while others will recreate their rooms, exactly the way that they feel inside. Those that prefer the second option, will certainly enjoy this new trendy idea of lighting up their wall with neon lights, that they will create by themselves thank to custom neon signs by Yellowpop. 

It is certainly the best way to write on the wall, the things you believe in. For example, if you have a favourite quote or a lyric of a song that you relate to more particularly, then you can have it built just for you in the colour that you want, so that everyday you are reminded of what is most important in your life. You can also show everyone that stops by your house, what is the eternal state of mind that you keep inside.

You can also choose to create a visual that is important to you. It can be the logo of your music group, an item that makes you dream (like a cloud or a star), or a design that you drew, and you think is really cool. The possibilities are limitless, since you are the one creating the neon light. Once you receive your neon, you can then bathe in its light, providing the exact sensation that you were looking for, to your room.

A variety of Colours and Standard Shapes

Not everyone is a designer at heart or wants to express a deep feeling that lives inside of them. Others prefer to find the right design, to fit in their living space. It can come in to compliment the style of furniture, to add a particular colour of light, or to indicate what the room is used for (a good example would be a bar). There are already a large variety of neon signs that everyone can choose from. You can look for them according to the room they have to go in (bedroom, playroom, etc.) or you can make your selection by roaming through the various colours, which will show you the available models. There are popular designs that everyone can relate to, such as the heart-shaped neon, a Mr. Smiley, a cloud or the words “La Dolce Vita.” 

Kids also love neon. They make a great gift for them, especially if they are involved in the original drawing. They will be so proud to show all their friends, that they created the light on their wall. It will definitely rock their world and yours as well. 

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.