Dress – an Important Part of the Business Closet


In our fast-paced age, when preference is given to comfort rather than beauty and elegance, sometimes you still need to feel like a beautiful creature. At work, despite the workload, it is unacceptable to forget that appearance and grooming should be at the top. A fashionable hairstyle, stylish clothes, manicure – this is what will immediately distinguish you from the gray masses and possibly even contribute to career advancement.

How to be stylish?

What is the basis of the concept of “stylish clothes” for a businesswoman? Of course, the dress. The dress transforms a representative of the fair sex, absorbed by cares and troubles, into a woman with a capital letter. A dressed-down girl immediately becomes refined and elegant, and in an office environment evokes the confidence of her partners. Of course, if it is chosen correctly. Because there are an incredible number of examples, even among famous people, when the wrong style of the dress reduced to nothing all the efforts to be irresistible.

Regarding the choice of a dress, there are several subtleties, knowing which you will make a good purchase and ensure yourself a lot of raptures, compliments and even become an object of envy. First, comfort, of course. Let me disagree with the oft-used expression: “beauty requires sacrifice. Sometimes these sacrifices are so great that agreeing to them, it is very difficult to be beautiful. What does the concept of comfort mean? I will note the importance of choosing high-quality fabrics. An extremely simple cut dress, but made of excellent quality fabric looks very advantageous. Also, professionals advise paying attention to the quality of the cut. The dress should not wrinkle, squeeze or pull. You should feel easy, and as a consequence, more confident.

Businesslike and attractive

If we are talking about the style of a businesswoman, when choosing a style, give preference to models of medium length with a fitted silhouette. If your figure is flawless, complement the image with a thin strap, without overloading it with decorative elements. Ideal office options are considered to be cocktail dresses or cocktail dresses which you can buy in any shop for women’s cocktail dresses online. Such a strict dress is allowed to have a length to the knee or above two fingers. If the dress is too short, it will not fit into the company’s dress code and will look out of place. Midi length will perfectly suit a business lady, and even visually elongate the silhouette, especially if you add here elegant pumps with a beige color.

Keep in mind that a strict business dress does not allow a deep neckline. Everything should be under maximum restraint. If the lady’s figure is not ideal, this is not a reason to be upset. The main thing is to choose the right dress. Pudgy fashionistas should know two important details: tight silhouette and length above the knee – this is not your style. Show originality and emphasize the waist with a basque. This trim is allowed by any, even the strictest dress code, and for fashionable women, it will help to hide centimeters on the hips. Ignoring the listed recommendations, you risk emphasizing the flaws of your figure.


Everyone has his style of dress, one is classic, another is sporty, but it does not matter how a person dresses, the main thing is what he is like inside, and beauty is not important at all.

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.