Fashion Trends For The Future


Being in the world of style can often be a challenging endeavor. With fashion trends coming and going, it seems that almost every week, there is a new way to rock your style. However, keeping up with all the fashion influencers on social media can often be an expensive and time-consuming experience. Creating a capsule wardrobe first and then expanding from there is the best way to ensure you have the style and the budget to feel confident.   

What does the future of fashion look like? With the world as we know it changing thanks to the development of web 3.0, Cryptocurrencies, and NFT’s, will the world of fashion follow suit? If it does, these are some trends that might catch on.  

Growing Garments – One Size Fits All by James Dyson  

Imagine clothes that “grow” with you. Purchasing one item of clothing can now fit you for up to 7 additional sizes you might grow into. While not many people still grow seven sizes once they have reached adulthood, this will be a fantastic way to reduce waste for your little one’s wardrobe, drastically cutting the number of worn clothes. Not only is this an excellent thing for your financial health, but it also helps the earth’s health. The material the garments consist of is wholly made of recycled material! 

Modular – Shape Apparel by Angela Luna  

Clothes that fold out and can be used as a shelter. These wearable homes are another line that supports eco-fashion and aims to create style sustainably. With an idea inspired by nomads who travel with everything that they have, it leaves one to wonder where one might use this idea? Could it be the new way people will go hiking? Will the future be so nomadic that you walk around with your house on your shoulders, learning from the turtles?  

‘Flavoured’ Couture by Salvatore Ferragamo  

More specifically, this garment, the material it is made of, seems to gain more traction from renowned designers across the globe. A textile fiber made entirely out of orange peels is one of the best ways to help the planet. However, this line genius hasn’t stopped at its first collection of scarves and shirts; the designers are talking about a line that has an infused scent, which changes according to the time of day or the wearer’s mood.   

Body – Nourishing Clothes by Blond & Bieber   

Having great skin has never been easier than it is with the Nourishing Clothes these two revolutionary designers have come up with. Made out of algae and using microalgae as a dye, this allows the garments to release nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, onto the wearer’s skin. Spa days have never been more leisurely; throw these on and get the benefits of a relaxing day at the spa, plus the ability to keep up with the grind.   

‘Power’ Garments by Yves Béhar  

The initial idea was to help members of society suffering from muscle dystrophia function better than they otherwise would. Although since her ‘FuseProject,’ Yves has gone on to create garments that help people whose muscles are deteriorating and now can grant ordinary people extraordinary, cyborg-like abilities. Who doesn’t want to use the power of the current technological advances to become more powerful?   

‘Connected’ Couture by Pauline van Dongen   

Picture a world where you can wear a cardigan that would alert you of stroke symptoms long before they occur. This dream world is that which Dutch Designer Pauline van Dongen is creating. In addition to early stroke detection, this garment can assist the wearer in having the correct posture and suggesting exercises to optimize their health. Based on the information, the conductive yarn detects the wearer’s biometrics.  

Lab-Grown Leather by Modern Meadow   

The status of luxury that leather conveys is “burnt” into our subconscious and DNA. This signaling status method started with the animal hides we wore while we walked around in caves. That’s one of the reasons this collection is so valuable; not only does it satisfy our primitive need for displaying power through the use of leather, it aids in allowing this leather to be worn free of the blood of the animal that wore it before you. It could also eradicate a significant source of greenhouse gases from farming animals on a large scale and the process used for tanning the leather.  

The world is going through changes, and being in fashion isn’t easy with the weight of being environmentally conscious and still looking your best. Sometimes it can become a lot to deal with. Luckily, these designers are on the edge of cutting-edge technology, which has practical use for the wearer and looks to improve the earth’s situation.  

Written by Megan Taylor
Megan is a beauty expert who is passionate about all things makeup and glam! Her love for makeup has brought her to become a beauty pro at Glamour Garden Cosmetics.